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I have been on this forum for awhile now, an have witnessed sooooo many threads regarding this topic. I would like to say one thing......

Customer relations....Customer relations....Customer relations.

For those that have been under bidded, or lost customers due to lowballers. Consider this. If this customer liked you, respected you, and loved the care you gave to thier property. Why would this customer toss you to the curb for someone that underbidded you $5 or $10.

I have never had this happen to me. Dont get me wrong many have tried! My clients just send them on thier way.

If you are losing accounts to these so called lowballers, or scrubs, the only one to blame is yourself....There will be a couple that give you up to save a couple of bucks. To me, if it were to happen, I didn't want them anyway, an it wouldn't be worth posting this loss on this forum.

Treat the customers the way you would want to be treated. Take care of thier lawns better than you would take care of yours, an these customers wont kick you to the curb. These so called lowballers an scrubs, wont be able to touch your clients, therefore reducing the number of these surpufluous threads that keep popping up....IMO..........


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Couldn't agree more. Example Ive gone to the same lady to get my hair cut for 20+ years. I pay $20 per visit. Ive seen places that advertise $7 haircuts. Do I switch places or feel "ripped off" ? Heck no! She knows me buy name, even gets me a little Christmas present every year. Build value in the services you provide, talk and make friends with your customers and they will be loyal to you!



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It is alll about customer relations but it is also about you getting the right customer to have those "relations" with.

Think about it.

You know the customer that is the shopper, you usually don't keep them or they don't keep you. Once you get the customer you start to from a relationship with them, you know they like this done that way etc. They like you and you like them, you get additional business from them in the form of addons and better yet referrals to their friends and neighbors.
I have lowballers try and get my customers every year, one customer showed me a stack of flyers and even 10 page binded portfolios of lawn companies who can do it cheaper than I do. Ya know what, he stays with me and I am priced much higher. What is the value that he is getting? He knows that I do his lawn the way he wants it done. He knows me and the most important point is he trusts me. He knows that I am at the high end of the scale. High yes but not unreasonable. I have justified my worth and unless I do something to break his trust, I have his business. It ABSOLUTELY is customer service but it is customer service on my terms.


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I agree with all above replys but would like to add some, The more educated you get in this industry the less chance a lowballer has in taking over your clients ....


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I never worry abot a low baller. My people have been with me for a wile.or if not me my dad. Anyway, i even have suc a good relationship wih some that i have keys to there house. In the winter i water the plants and keep an eye out for things. 99 % of my people are frm out of town. I take care of the "summer house".

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you know you have a good customer when they want you to
do an extra service ,say like trimming branches and dont even
ask how treat them right and they will keep asking you
to do the extras all year long-Replaced a mailbox and post for
a good customer the other day.had to take down a brick one.
quick and easy money though.


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For those of you who are just starting out and are LC wannabees listen up. One of my first customers (and I did not have many) was a little old lady who was (i was told by others) a real PITA. I did her corner property to the 9's (cut, trim, edge and clean) for the same as she was paying the 'mow n blows', I had the time to do this as I did not have many accounts. From this humble beginning I now take care of the most desirable properties in the vicinity of her residence and have been able to consolidate the area where I do business (no more 20 minute drives to do a $30 lawn).
Thanks to this lady and her referring my services to her friends and neighbors plus the local folks who noticed the drastic improvement of her lawn care I now have a customer base that provides me with a very respectable income.
If there is a moral to this I guess it would be to form your own opinion of people and do not be too hasty to judge a potential customer by the opinions of others.

IMHO - You have to earn the respect of your customers after that is done you will have them for life.

Never lost a existing customer from someone else beating my price. I have lost many many bids by people bidding less than half the normal price though.

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