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    This is one of many fliers that are placed in sandwich bags and thrown on driveways here in Fresno and Clovis. Do you think they have business licenses and liability insurance? It is safe to say that at least six different people use the same flier except they change the name and phone number.
    We also have individuals that place an ad in the local newspaper and state
    that they will give a discount if paid in cash. Taxes paid????????

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  2. KINGjosh

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    The design doesn't look that bad. Ive seen worse, but those prices look terrible.
  3. stumper1620

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    That aint even in the ball park. Knowing the cost of living is a lot higher than here. How the he!! can they buy gas for that price? I would'nt even drop the gate for a postage stamp for those prices.
    I did notice the small print covering their butts with depending on size and condition.
    I thought I had some lowballers here.
    I feel your pain. :dizzy: :dizzy:
  4. yamadooski

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    We have a few like that in the Tampa area. I too wonder how they can even afford the gas.?
    I lost a customer to one like that, they were in the middle of 6 house I do next to each other.
    Man I tell ya the guy does a horrible job. Weeds in the beds and dont edge in the beds but once a month. Here we have to edge every week.
    I picked up one of this guys yards and they couldnt believe the price I quoted them, it was litterally 80.00 more than what they were paying but the guy was destroying their yard. I told them you get what you pay for.
    I picked them up no questions asked after they went and looked at one my yards.... :)
  5. The landscaper

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    Free fert on top of the barely 10 bucks a week.. Is that for real?
  6. tiru

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    Up in Washington I would find similar flyers all the time. Here is what a little research came up with.
    The majorities were Orientals living in mass at one house.
    Very few if any were US citizens.
    Most were subsidized in some way, grants, and loans. Many government loans to emigrants can be secured for 2 to 3%. A million $ loan placed in almost any investment will earn more than the payments.
    Five to ten would show up to do a lawn at $10 to $15.
    With low to none overhead no employee wages, government subsidies I too would cut lawns for $10 a pop.
    License, insurance and taxes paid, probably so.
  7. captken

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    Here they put a rock in the plastic bag and throw it on the driveway.

    Maybe someone here will call Mr. Andy B. and introduce him to lawnsite! lol :realmad:
  8. fga

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    depends on the size of the properties they are servicing. i have plenty in that price range. that are strictly cutting though, no free ferts.
  9. crawdad

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    You have them in the 12 - 14 dollar range? Wow! Ya gotta do a bunch of them, eh? Hey, if it works for you, I ain't knocking it.
  10. marko

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    I also feel your pain. It is probably good for you in the long run, but its gotta suck when you have customers jump from you to him. It does not really matter if he can do it or not, you have at least lost the customer until they learn their lesson. The only thing I can say is do the good work, and let it speak for itself. Up to a point you get what you pay for.

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