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doug lingle

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I've recently bought my first hydro(love it),but if leaves round scuff marks when I turn sharp at the end of a pass, and when doing steep hills, any suggetion how to prevent it, do I keep inside wheel moving in reverse until turn is made?<br>doug<p>doug<br>


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Do a word search on this subject; been alot of people asking this lately.<br>Basically you have to keep the inside wheel moving during the turn; I move mine backwards so that it doesn't turn on any one spot, thus tearing up the turf.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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Belt operators give the machine a little yank backwards on the turns..... as for hydro ive never had the experience to find out. Just keep that inside wheel moving.

Jerrys Lawn Service

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Doug, Try slowing down some as you get to the<br>end of the pass, just fraction of a second<br>before your turn bring the inside wheel into<br>reverse, if you wait till you've started<br>your turn then the chances are you've already<br>torn up some turf. Get some more time on the<br>machine and I know you,ll get better! Just<br>remember we all do it sometimes no matter how<br>hard we try. Wet turf makes it very tuff when<br>making turns. Good Luck!


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Central CT
Theres always going to be some type of mark(the tire must stop sometime between forward and reverse) I just do the perimeter cut last and it covers up any scuff marks.<p>Bill


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This is a simple one. It takes a while to get use to it, but at the end of a line, slow down and let the inside wheel spin in reverse almost the same speed as the outside is spinning forward. It will slow the turning down a bit, but it will leave less marks.


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What I do is cut my perimeter wide enough to give me plenty of room to turn(usually two passes if posible)then when at the end of a pass pull out enough to turn your mower 90' compared to your stripe, then reverse the other 90'. Its kind of like turning a regular rider. This may be a little slower but it works especially when the grass is wet. Just remember to always keep both wheels turning. Good Luck!

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