Seafoam cans for gas cans?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TaylorLandscapingLLC, May 8, 2013.

  1. TaylorLandscapingLLC

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    Ive found the OSHA requirements.

    "A safety can is (29CFR1926.155(1) an approved, closed container, of not more than 5 gallons capacity, having a flash arresting screen, spring closing lid and spout cover and so designed that it will safely relieve internal pressure when subjected to fire exposure."

    Given this, are they saying that the sealed premix cans on the shelf at home depot have a spring closing lid, and a pressure relieving capability? also does anyone know if they have a built in screen as to arrest sparks? im thinking they will simply say the cans are not refillable.
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    No. I told you I wasn't trying to be an a$$.

    Those cans you mentioned at Lowes and such are not likely "No Spill" cans. That is a BRAND name. The garbage found in big box stores requires all sorts of pushing and twisting and nonsense to get gas out of them. Do not buy any gas can you can find in a regular store.
    Get a No Spill can.

    As for the canned fuel, are you talking about something like this?


    NO, there are no "screens". It's a sealed, plastic cap - nothing more. They weren't designed for landscapers to carry around, so much as for homeowners who don't want the "bother" of mixing to keep in the garage.
    I couldn't say whether one of those would, or wouldn't leak after having been opened.

    I think you're looking for an answer to a problem that doesn't exist.
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  4. TaylorLandscapingLLC

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    Oak, i appreciate that you prefaced your statements with "i dont mean to be an ass" but saying "no offense" doesnt automatically soften the "your an idiot" type remarks people often say. Not that u called me an idiot. Its a blanket example so please dont misconstrue my point. Lets be friends.

    Im searching for a solution that would work best for my operation. It may not be a problem that exists with you but you cannot definitively speak for other outfits. I would much rather carry 5 bottles of seafoam cans filled with premix than the 1 gallon red can of springs and plugs that frustrate you on the job while trying to complete it. I simply had the idea that easy pour cans may me a happy medium to a niche operation, such as myself. It was just an idea. The cans you show are not the brand i was talking about but i think they are the same product none the less. I guess my question is would DOT or osha fine me as a company for using these cans since they dont have the springs and screens and everything. You bring up a good point about the design being for homeowners. I didnt consider the private sector and what they may be able to get away with versus a commercial operation. As of now ill stick with my 1 gallon can i have now but ill continue to keep an ear out for a solution. One reason i though of the can in the first place was because i can carry it in the cup holder of the mower and if my trimmer guy runs out i can just top him off there instead of him strolling ever so slowly back to the truck to fill up again. Thats just one scenario i can give to validate my reasons. Not that i have to. We all have our reasons for doing dumb stuff right? Lol.
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  5. whiffyspark

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    I wouldn't even worry about it I would do it. Most companies use Gatorade bottles. Did you see the one I posted?
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  6. GrassGuerilla

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    Start by re-training your trimmer guy to refill the trimmer more often. Think about this, the lube for a 2-stroke is in the fuel right? So when you have it all heated up, running full throttle and run it out of gas, you are also running it out of lube. This is exacerbated by today's extremely lean running machines. Even more so in any "strato charged" design, as the strato charged engines scavenge the exhaust stroke with atmospheric air, and not mix. So in addition to wasting time to meander back to the truck, it's also taking a toll on your engine. Get them to top off anytime they grab any 2-cycle with half a tank or less. Good for the equipment, and production. Win, win.

    Another easy production booster for you. Have your trimmer guy carry a spare load of string in his pocket. Saves a trip to the truck. I have no idea how they "know". But my trimmer never runs out until its as far from the truck as possible. Getting the guys to do it isnt that hard. Most appreciate the saved walk.

    When we started it, I would ask guys "got spare trimmer line"? If they could produce some, I gave them a $5. Gave away a handful of fivers, but you can ask any of my guys and even the mowers have some in their pocket "just in case". I was amazed how much $5 boosted morale about a small but significant production issue.
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  7. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    Smart man. And makes the work day a little more fun too.

    Until I found this thread I hadn't even thought about using a smaller container for premix. I'm still using Big 5 gal jug. The only problem I've got is I get so frustrated with the new style fuel cap Stihl started using a couple of years ago...I spill more fuel just trying to get the thing on right and make sure it's sealed (and doesn't just look sealed). PITA.
  8. zackvbra

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    Those little things wouldnt even last me a day. It might fill up the br600. lol
  9. Brules

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    No spills work great. Cut the tabs off on the twist lid part.
  10. OakNut

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    Yes - they do.
    I don't think the OP understands that these are different than the rt@rded cans that are marketed to the public. I'd jump off a bridge if I had to use one of those stupid cans more than once a week.

    No Spill cans easily dispense fuel with the press of your thumb and stop when you let go. (go to the website - there's a busty girl who gives a video demonstration. :D ) I've never actually used the feature where it stops dispensing when filled. I simply watch the fuel level rise and stop when it's full.
    The only drawback is expansion and contraction of the cans. I've never had the small one do it, but the 5 gal can drives me nuts.

    I DO get what the OP is asking about, and that red "bottle" posted above may be the solution, but I don't know that I'd trust an empty Tru-Fuel, or Seafoam can to be re-used. I have to wonder if it would leak after the cap has been "unsealed". I actually considered doing what the OP is asking - refilling those cans. I just can't think of a time when it would actually be worth the bother.

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