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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by G.P.M., Apr 24, 2013.

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    Hello everyone.. Just looking for some opinions..
    I own a small property maintenance company doing small residential grass cutting and was looking to expand a bit this summer doing some asphalt driveway seal coating. I am licenced and insured. My questions:
    1. Since I wasn't looking to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, I was wondering what your opinions would be of doing residential driveways by hand squeegee method.

    2.My local independent building supply place carries "Resistoseal Professional Grade Rubberized Asphalt Sealer" and was wondering if anyone has had experience with this brand.

    3. The same company also sells resistoseal rubberized crack filler in a caulking tube and liquid crack filler in a bottle. Is this good enough for most smaller jobs?

    4. Do most companies offer warranty with this service and if so, how long?

    5. Whats best for cutting in the edges, a paintbrush or small roller?

    6. Any other tips or tricks to help me get going would be greatly appreciated.
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    There's a ton of reading here and on other forums. You will get 10 different opinions.
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    For cutting in edges I use 24" n 36" brushes
  4. prestige101

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    i try to use a 10 in" brush as much as posable to reduce brush marks as it wears
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    1. Highly recommend the squeegee method. You leave a good amount of material to actually fill in the voids of the asphalt.

    2. Instead of going to a building supply, try to look for a local sealcoat plant that manufacturers their own sealer.

    3. It will work but not as good as a hot rubberized crack filler. You really want to look into getting a hot rubberized crack machine. A ma-10 is a good start.

    4. I offer a warranty on my craftsmanship. It depends on the total amount of coats and the condition of asphalt before being sealed. Any where from 1-3 years.

    5. A stand up brush with soft bristles is the best.

    6. Good luck!
  6. miahrg

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    I also like the squeegee method, but make sure you apply a thin layer
    otherwise it will crack
    I don't know resistoseal but if it's rubberized and thick you may have to apply it with a squeegee

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