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Seal Coating - poor spray pattern


LawnSite Member
So this was my first season getting into seal coating. I have an oil based spray system and use Black Mac seal coat.

What I’m finding is that sometimes my spray pattern when it hits the ground is heavy on the outer edges of the fan pattern. What this does is makes visible stripes in seal coat job. To reduce the look of striping I end up having to put a lot more product down than I should have to.

It’s strange because I sprayed one driveway with no problems then the next day it started striping, even though I didn’t adjust the pressure and I cleaned the tip.

Can anyone here shed some light on what might be causing this?


LawnSite Senior Member
I also found that cooler outside air temperature effected how the sealant sprayed . I try to park where the sun can shine on the tank and run the wand back into the tank for 10 - 15 minutes without a tip .