Sealcoat question, to early still in CT to do?

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    I have a few customers in Stamford/Darien area in CT that have asked about having there driveways (sprayed) resealed. I don"t do this sort of work but thought it maybe a bit early? I have always seen the guys out later towards the fall. However the ones that have asked me must have some heavy plows as they were all scratched up (perhaps a crappy job from the start or its been awhile)? Maybe the point is to seal before it snows for water getting in cracks etc? However they do look like crap. Also if anyone has a decent guy in that area will pass it over to him so he can call him? Not looking for a vig just trying to help customers out and learn along the way. Thanks!!!
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    Kind of late on replying. But we always try to make sure its 55 degrees or above. I believe that is what most sealer manufacturers state in there specs.

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