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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by jsenske1, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Would anyone be willing to share their sealcoating contract/proposal with someone just starting out? I know it's alot to ask, but would greatly be appreciated. I am located in Michigan if that matters to anyone. Thanks in advance
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    I wont share mine as it took me years to develop and is a sales tool.

    Some points that you want to make sure yours addresses:

    How long the price is valid for.
    Who is responsible for traffic control after you leave the site.
    How long if any warranty and what it covers.
    What you are responsible for if it rains while the sealer is still wet.
    Payment terms and deposit amount.
    Anything that could affect the price after work begins.
    Your collection policy and attorney fee policy.
    Exactly what services you are going to perform and the effect of those services.
    Services that you recommended and the customer has declined...(Very important)
    What the end result of the job will look like.
    Your "complaint policy" How you handle when a customer is unhappy.
    Estimated timeframe for the job.
    Allowances for job disruption beyond your control.

    These are all points that my contract addresses and have developed over the years as situations have arisen.

    I would be happy to expand on any of those points if you have specific questions.

    Ask away
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    Remember one thing.

    Sealcoating is a difficult business because of perception vs. reality.

    Customers have one thing in mind, how their job is going to look. While the reality may be totally different.

    The problem with that is, even if you did the job 100% correct, the customer may not agree.

    I find it best to really pound to them what the final outcome is going to be. I use pictures of similar completed jobs and spell it out in very simple plain language in the contract.

    I cant tell you how many times years past we would seal a driveway for $200 and the customer would call up and say......

    "They werent even here an hour....I dont think its even an inch thick....And I never even saw a roller"

    YES....NO BS.....The customer thought they were getting their driveway paved for $200.

    And it wasnt just one person.....It happened quite a few times before I finally realized that I had to spell it out and explain it perfectly.

    The more you can put in writing and explain upfront..the better.
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    Those are some very valid points, thank you.

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    Honestly I rarley ever use a contract Maybe 1 out of 100... I think if you explain your procedure with the homeowner you wont have any problems at all. Ans let them know payment is due at the end of the job. Usually if the customer isnt home they leave a check or even give me payment when I estimate the job.
    As for customers calling up and saying its not even a inch thick and thinkingg they were getting a topcoat for 200.00 that is some type of mis-communication error on your part. We do not ever seal questionable pavement and I think that is where you get your self into trouble. Most of the homes we do work for are 400k plus.
    The only people we seem to have any trouble with is indians..
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    there is company's that specialize in contracts and proposals,they can be made prety simple,sometimes you can go to a office supply and they will have a basic work proposal.or a printing shop who usualy make them for other company's and they will usually make you a proposal like the other guys use with your name,and heading on them,that is what idone when starting out,then i had my lawyer draw up new binding ones,he charged acouple hudred dollers for that!hope that helps
  8. pave and seal

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    usually the kind than runs motels is the ones that deliberitly cause a misunderstanding trying to not pay,usualy i try to avoid working for motel,it seem there is always something in the end they dont understand on purpose!

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