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    Looking for some input gentlemen. I received a call to sealcoat 40 driveways for a townhouse community. The driveways are 2-3 years old and have never been sealed before. I will use a natural fiber brush to apply the sealer. Anyone care to share what they think the coverage rate would be per gallon of sealer? I will be using coal tar.

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    Gosh what would I do honestly. I've lived in a town home community and everyone knows how big those driveways are. There pretty small actually and if there only 2 or 3 years old heck, your maybe looking at Maybe 15 gallons of sealer (3-five gallon buckets worth). I'll be honest, I've sealcoated driveways for two years working for jet black franchise so I know what I'm doing. Actually, gonna do better than what they taught me. I'm starting my own sealcoating company this year and I already have work lined up for me too keep me well busy. But back to your question! I will easily get anywhere from 22 to 28 cents a square foot a drive, but since all your driveways are right next door to each other I would just give a straight estimate. I'd maybe go 90 bucks a driveway.

    Now for all the veterans tell me if I'm wrong. For one your saving on gas, and two your saving on mileage and gas. I would think 90 bucks a drive would be excellent. But only if these driveways were still brand new looking. Understanding there's not really and crack work to do being that there only 2 to 3 years old.
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