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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by seal488, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Hello to all...

    I've noticed many posts here asking about where to get sealcoating equipment. I've been in the business for 25 years, and I have some suggestions. I've learned many lessons over the years- so you get the benefit of learning from my mistakes.

    While it is tempting to save a few hundred (or couple thousand) dollars by having the local guy build your equipment (because he's built a few in the past)- I would STRONGLY recommend against it. In most cases, the reliability simply will not be the same as getting it from a reputable manufacturer- and it WILL cost you MORE money in the long run.

    I've owned equipment from all the major companies, and I truly believe that ABLE INDUSTRIES (Columbus, OH) makes the best. They've been in buiness since the early 80's (much longer than many others), and they really know what they're doing. They build GREAT equipment, their staff is very helpful, even well after the sale, and the prices are fair. Put very simply, I have made the most money by using Able's equipment- because it LASTS, and even if there is a minor problem, they can often get you up and running over the phone in no time.

    I know this sounds like a commercial, but I'm just offering up my experience for what it's worth. Good luck.
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    I am starting to also hear very good things about Neal Equipment. The cost is a little higher than others but well worth it in the long run. Able does make nice equipment. I like Pavement Coating, Inc ( Evansville, Indiana) nice equipment and very nice people. I have also worked a little bit with Seal-Rite. They also make good equiment. Like everything else in this world, you tend to get what you pay for.
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    Neal is good equipment, but I've found maintenance costs to be MUCH higher... and have had a couple bad experiences with their people (arrogant).
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    check out reid manufacturing. one of the guys from the original neal manufacturing compay is there. as far as i know he had a large part in the design of their equipment so he knows the stuff inside and out. i also had a bad experience with neal, probably 15 years ago. since then neal manufacturing has been bought and sold a few times.

    neal equip. might have some higher cost in maintenance, but i run alot of goo through these pumps, and really havent seen an air pump that can do the volume, and handle the sand load a neal can.

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