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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Zeppa Enterprises, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Hi all. I'm pretty excited to have found this place, there is a lot of info here and links to even more. Basically I'm (we're) a newjack to sealcoating. I've only ever really done it once on my grandparents very large driveway with buckets, brooms and squeegee's (came out fine BTW).

    Our company is in a pretty good position right now and I have been researching different ways to add a, what I call "fast cash", service to our business. Before anyone gets their panties in a knot, the reason I call it fast cash is because we mainly do construction, masonry and electrical work, which can have long stretches of time between payment, unlike residential/light commercial sealcoating where you do the job, get paid and go. Yes I am fully aware it's real work.

    In my researching for equipment I have found "Asphalt Kingdom" (should be a registered sex offender because he's a rapist with the prices), Jetblack franchise (I don't want a franchise, also crazy money), KCS1 franchise (also crazy money), Star Seal (interesting, more on this in a moment), SprayGiant (starseal equipment reseller, with naturally higher prices) and some guy in Canadia that re-sells asphalt rapist's products, protect asphalt I think it's called.

    I have also found what seems to be the opinion of many to be "real" or "more reputable" companies such as able industries, seal rite etc.

    The vehicle that will be going around doing the sealcoating is a 2001 Ford F-350 7.3L Turbo Diesel Crew Cab Long Bed. I've got the truck for it.

    Equipment I'll be buying:

    Hot crack sealing machine - able industries
    Little Wonder 8hp blower - able industries
    Billy Goat crack cleaner/widener - able industries

    Now, on to the piece of controversy, the sealcoating machine itself. I don't want the square polytank that star seal makes/sells, although to me it seems that it does work and will get the job done, I live in Boston and the climate changes here will take a toll on the poly tank (don't need it cracking), it's suseptible to certain chemicals and I think the setup looks a little weak and I know I can make one myself with a pump, motor and tank.

    So square poly tank is out.

    BUT! Star seal sells basically the same thing, except it's a skid mount, oval shape, 270 gallon steel tank setup. I like this because:

    1) it is tougher
    2) it has "power" agitation
    3) it looks MUCH better.

    Downside (which I'm not sure about, need to call them up and talk to them) is the sand thing. I WANT SAND IN MY STUFF. Speaking of which what kind am I supposed to use?

    BUT THEN! There's Seal Rite. They have a 200 gallon skid mount unit. Their quality and customer support is obvious, I don't need convincing. I just got a few problems/questions with this unit.

    1) it's "hand agitated", I want power agitated
    2) I don't know how much it costs (anyone know?)
    3) I don't know how much it costs if it had power agitation

    I know I've asked a lot of questions here so any and all answers to them are appreciated.


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    Just an FYI Seal-Rite is known for this quality and probably the top in the industry overall. They have an exceptional customer service reputation.
    They have an 800# on their site and will gladly send you a catalog with prices or give you quotes over the 800#. They don't put prices on their web site because they have more options than anybody and they also offer custom configurations (like if you needed something a bit different for your particular truck) so while their prices are very "in line" with the other major manufacturers (a bit higher than some, less than others) they custom build every unit for every customer so they don't throw out prices except in the catalog which has tons of pages of options (and you'll probably call anyway because you won't know if you really need this or that option or maybe even what it does) They offer all models (including the pick up mounts) hydraulically agitated capable of high sand loads. They just ofrer their smaller units in hand crank versions (that can easily convert to hydraulic later) too in order to keep costs down for the customer that needs to save a few $$ to start.
  3. PROCUT1

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    I have a year old sealrite 200 gallon system for sale here. Give me a buzz at 845-897-5296 if you're interested.

  4. keith_480231

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    What would something like that go for???
  5. ChicagoSeal

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    A year old, probably 1500 is a realistic number he can get for it.

    I think it's 3k new, he might ask for 2k and get 1500 if he really wants to sell it.

    This is assuming that it is in good condition, which it should be as it's only a year old.
  6. NJWashingGuy

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    Is this still for sale??

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