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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DAZ982500, May 5, 2005.

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    I Normally Do Not Perform This Service However A Customer Who I Cut His Home Lawn For And 6 Of His Rentals Asked Me To Sealcoat The Driveway.i Am Estimating That It Is About 4000 Sq Takes Me About 1 Hour To Perform My Own, Which Is 30 X40 Sq Feet.he Will Purchase All Material I Am The Labor.could Someone Give Me An Idea On A Price.i Will Be Doing This By Myself.i Am Guessing This Is A Day Job.
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    Why not sub it to a sealcoating company and mark it up a little?
  3. DAZ982500

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    Good Idea Except He Is Buying The Materials . The Companies I Am Aware Of Come With A Tank And Use A Spray Application.
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    Sealcoating is as cut throat as grass cutting , and you only do the drive every 2 years on adverage . If you sub it out you may be able to mark it up 10 to 20 dollars and stay competative . If you sub to the wrong company and they screw it up you would be responsible. I have a 550 gallon tank and crack fillers , etc . Depending on the layout that sounds like a $ 300.00 job . And it would take about an hour to an hour and a half. My advice is to tell the customer that you dont do sealcoating and let him find someone in the yellow pages.

    If it takes you an hour to do yours at 1200 sq feet , and this is about 4 times the size and he is buying the materials you wont be making much .
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    Charge your normal hourly labor rate. Let the customer know you estimate that it will be 4 -5 hours, $40.00 x 5 = $200.

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