sealed wheel motors on fastrak

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    Mowerconsultant, I had a wheel motor go out the other day. Well I know that the units are sealed and they say that if itgoes out well you have to pretty much just suck it up and buy a $947.42 wheel motor to replace and I was told by a dealer some time back that at the time of replacing one you should replace both. Well I had a different dealer tell me that there is a plug on the motor that is removable and you can change the oil in these units.
    After looking at the unit I think I found the plug that the guy was talking about. Is it the oneon top with the 3 -4 inch hose with foam around it. I am thinking that the oil in the unit has lost its viscocity since the unit will run great for a few minutes and then start slipping. no grinding of gearing or nothing else. just slipping with a loss of power. If I can change this oil, would i just use hydro fluid in them. I really do not want to necessarily pay $2000 for parts, and $68/hr labor times who knows how long it would take to fix. A week or 3 or 5. I need this mower. Just need to know something before I try to dig up a crowd of cash. Also the unit has i think around 75 or 80 hrs on it, haven' t looked in few days. Please help
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    Depending on how old the unit is it could have pumps that have IZT's with a filter and drain plug.
    The IZT's use 20 W 50 motor oil.

    E-mail me your info, model and serial # and I will check into it for you.

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    My right side wheel motor failed recently at 22 hours. My 20/52 Fastrak was made in the first half of 2003. My dealer replaced the paper filters in the IZT's with mesh filters and a magnet (the factory authorized repair). Apparently Hydro-Gear shipped many of those IZT's with paper filters. They tend to get clogged over time. It sounds like that could be your problem. Those things are hard to steer and stop when a drive goes out! My dealer said that they had one fail at 30 minutes and another at over 50 hours. If that's it, the dealer should replace the filters on both sides. My dealer had the parts in stock.
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    Demo'd 18/52 FasTrak yesterday. I like it. Was ready to buy demo unit but have decided on 20/52. My concern is the premature failure of sealed wheel motors as reported by this thread. I can't see replacing wheel motors after 80 hrs service...$2K and labor. Thats almost 50% of the cost of new F/T.
    1. What is the life expectancy of wheel motors?
    2. What is current average hourly trend for failure of wheel motors? In other words, hypothetically, the vendor for wheel motors indicates 500hrs life expectancy. At what average of operating hours are you seeing failed wheel motors?
    3. If I do buy a F/T, how do I tell if the wheel motor is serviceable?

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    The life expectancy for a HOMEOWNER would be well over 500 hours.
    The original post in this thread is a commercial user, not a homeowner, we do not recommend the FasTrak for commercial use, as it only has a 90 day warranty in a commercial application.
    There is no trend on failure, the post about a failure at 22 hours was a problem that Hydro gear addressed, they had the wrong filter in the pump, and it caused it to plug, thus not work properly, these were taken care of last fall, there were some units that were already retailed and we are taking care of those as customers request, and as dealers can get the unit in for the update.
    We have been building FasTrak's with the serviceable IZT's for over 1 year now.
    E-mail me your dealer info, I will check into whether the unit you are looking at is current.

    Hope this helps
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    Did not mean to panic anyone about the Fastrak IZT drives. Units sitting on showrooms today will NOT experience the problem I had. I purchased mine last October. My dealer informed me about that potential problem with my early '03 unit, but we couldn't hook-up to get it inspected. The failure created a high priority for me to get it corrected.

    Two key points I would like to make. 1) New units will not have this problem. 2) When I had a problem, my Hustler dealer took care of it ASAP - I was very pleased with their expeditious repair (parts in stock too!).

    I am very pleased with my Fastrak and highly recommend it. It offers the best performance/value in its class.

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