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    I've been working on my site a little every day since September 2000. Although the site in and of itself IS a search engine/directory, please do not let that fool you into thinking my traffic problems are over just because of that. Matter of fact, for a long time I had a LOT of problems getting traffic.

    For a real-world business site that HAS a presence (unlike a web-only business), your one-stop solution is to print your dotcom on your business cards, receipts, flyers, and any and all other forms of publication within your company - Your customers will likely be your main source of traffic.

    I would suggest, unlike many business sites I've seen, to include helpful how-to do-it-yourself information on your site. As an example, when I do a search for how to do an oil change on my car, all I can find is a slew of mechanic/garage sites telling me how bad it is not to do it, and how I should do something about it... You know, if even ONE had the courtesy to detail out the actual steps, it would be likely I'd take my car to them someday. As things stand, when a business site doesn't want to help me, they can kiss my arse.
    It would be cool if customers can DO something on your site, such as pay their balance online, or order estimates/services.

    I might also suggest trading links with business sites that are somewhat related to yours. Perhaps you have friends or partners operating alongside, or maybe you can side along with someone doing similar work (ex.: you do lawncare, they do painting - Both are home-improvement, hence related AND not necessarily competition). It might help if both businesses are in the same area, but even a business on the other coast might not hurt to trade links with.

    Ask around and do some searching for search engines/directories local to your area as they will likely index your site for free. These are small, niche link-lists and can be hard to find, thou as an example, here is a small one local to me:

    Far as Google, if you have links pointing to your site, google will index your site whether you submit it or not. And if you have NO links pointing to your site, Google will not index your site, regardless of whether or not you submit it yourself.

    Far as other engines/directories: In my case, I found the best answer was to do this manually, yup, one engine at a time. It helps to find specialized link lists/directories but even the larger ones or the general ones can be helpful.
    Then go to the engine/directory and three steps:
    1) Surf through their categories to make sure there is at least one that fits your site. If you can not find one, 'business' might do, as may 'miscellaneous,' or 'other.' Still, the closer the fit, the better.
    2) Spend some time reading the RULES <- This is VERY important ! Please always read all the rules to make sure your site fits, and to follow the proper procedure, this will increase your chances of getting listed by 100 percent.
    3) Submit your site using the form. The form can usually be found via a link that says: Add Url, add link, submit url ... or something to that effect. This link may be on the main page OR inside the categories. Some engines charge a fee... It is up to you to pay this fee but know that just because you pay does not guarantee that the engine will send you any traffic - They may list you, but if they get no traffic themselves then you will get none OR it could be a bad match.

    Do this over and over.
    If you do NOT want to go through the hassle and you just want a TON of traffic and be done with it, my best recommendation is go direct to Yahoo and pay the money (But your site has to be in TOP shape!) here:
    (costs 300 dollars, is non-refundable if your site is not accepted, and when I tried, it didn't work in my browser...?)
    I got my fun site listed on Yahoo a few years ago, and the traffic never stops.

    Good luck!
    Pascal, mgr.
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