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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by heygrassman, Feb 20, 2002.

  1. heygrassman

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    Anyone out there have any neat search engine registration tricks??

  2. lakeviewnw

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    I have found one easy way is to go : and from there you can register free with a lot of them all in one place.
  3. Stonehenge

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    Yeah, I don't know if there's really any tricks to it (unless I'm missing something, which is always possible). You just need to get your URL in front of a bunch engines. They look it over and rank it in their database as they see fit.

    Other than finding the sites that let you register for many at once, there aren't any other tricks.

    As for being ranked high on databases, you need to get into meta tags and such, but you already know that.
  4. GrassMaster

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    Hello Everybody & you Too heygrassman:

    There is so many Varibles on this Search Engine Regristration, Promotion & Marketing Stuff, I could Type for Days & not tell you a Tenth of it!

    The Title Tag <title>Put up to 70 Characters here describing your Web Site</title> is the Most Important Tag there is. You Put words like Lawn Service & or Landscaping in there your Company name & Yo location is what you are Looking for. Again it must be 70 Characters or less to Follow Search Engine Rules.

    Do not Put "&" in any of your code this is a Stop Word for Seach Spiders & Bots, In most cases they will leave your Website when they hit that & you will not get Indexed.

    The Title Tag goes directly under you Head Tag. With the Proper Wording say you live in Zeal New York & Someone does a Search at for the Keyword Phrase Lawn Service Zeal New York, Well Guess who gets Pulled up at the Top of the List?

    Ok the Second most Important part is not Having a bunch of Fancy Scripts there, That Java Crap & other. If you must use that Java Place that in a .js files. This will Help because the Indexing Spiders & Bots will not get Bogged down wading through all that Crap Trying to get to the other part of yout Most Important part of your Search Engine Friendly Web site the...

    Content, "Content is King" so Please Remember that. Now that you have your Properly Coded Title Tag & your now working on your Content. Now to Satisfy the Majority of the Indexing Spiders, Bots & Human Editors, you need to place around 150 to 250 Minimum words of Content.

    Now in this Content you must Try to Start out your Content with the Key Words & or Keyword Phrase into the Very Beginning of your Content & Repeat it a few times.

    Ok, Now you Need Normal Hyper Links on your Home Page going to all the other Pages, Try not to use those Hover Buttons, Just Plain Simple Text Hyper Links? You never want to build a Search Engine Friendly Site that takes more than 2 clicks to get to any page on your website.

    Now then you have Meta Tags, You Need...
    Description Meta Tag, about 150 Characters or Less will do Just Fine. This is where you Describe your Web Site. Again need your Title words in here & Other Mumbo Jumbo?

    Jokers lawn service - landscaping Zeal, New York, Fee Estimates, Licensed, Insured Professional Bush, Tree and Turf Grass Maintenance

    The above Might could be better, but I'm trying to Crank out a Very Descriptive & Quality Post here! So I'm Limited, because everybodys Titles & Tags would vary. I need more info to do it Properly.

    Keyword Meta Tag, which can be up to a 1000 characters, but Professionals only use about 6 Keywords in their Meta Tags & a Lot of them will place Key Word Phrases in there, Say like "Lawn Service Zeal New York" Hey Now that's Killer Phrase. Start your Meta Tag off with your Most Important Key Word Phrase.

    Then you need the Robots Index Follow Meta Tag.

    This could easily mean the Difference in your Web Site Self Supporting by Bringing you more Customers Via Internet Search Engines or you can just let it be a Hobby Page, Show Off Page or Just for Customers Only Page. It's left up to you, in most cases if Properly coded, you should be able to Pick up an Extra 3 to 5 Jobs a Year Easy. Yeah it might not be much but it's better than Nothing. Just My Thoughts.

    I can Easily Crank out another 20 - 50 more Pages on this Subject, But I've gave you the Equivelant of Many Many Hours Of Research here & there is Plenty that Pay Big Bucks for this, Not No Nickle & Dime $50 to $100 an hour, but Much More.

    Ok, If you don't think so, do this:
    Go to
    Place this in the Search Box Field:
    Search Engine Promotion
    then cick on the Search Button

    Now Look at the Very First Link & Look at the amount they pay per Click. At this very Moment the (Cost to advertiser: $4.36) Yes Per Click, yep per Person, per Click.

    There is Plenty other Search Prases besides the one I told you. There is Money Thar in doing that Kind of Work. I Know :)

    I forgot to Tell yoy this but Stay Away from those Auto Search Engine Registration stufrf. Please Manually Submit your Web Page. It don't take long.

    Here is a Brief list of the Most Important Search Engines:
    All the Web + Fast Search
    Direct Hit
    Excite - WebCrawler
    Hotbot (Inktomi)
    Infohighway - Webzone
    Lycos 2 to 3 weeks
    Scrub the Web
    Search Hound

    I have not Verified these Search engines in about a week or so I could be off & they could have changed.

    You just Need to Submit to these only & Please make sure that your Web Site is Fully Optimized & Search Engine Friendly, Well you will Now be Yards ahead of your Competion.

    I can discuss this Further if Needed. I'm just Trying to help you Make your Web site be attractive to New Internet Business. If you want your web site to pay for it self!

    I Have a great deal of Knowlege on this, I've studied it for Years (starting in 1996) & I Definately Know What I'm Talking about.

    GrassMaster at his Best!!!!!
  5. KirbysLawn

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    If you check out you will find that this program does most o fthe work for you and you can re-submit your site every few months. Thay have a demo to try, I did my old url with it and it came up at the top, I'm waiting on my new site to come up and I will use it again.
  6. RaleighGuru

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    Just so you guys know. Using software to get your site better listings will not help. Submitting to the search engines over and over again will not help.

    The advice above will certainly help you with your positioning. Just make sure that you have meta tags on your site and text for the search engines to read.

    Submit one time to the main search engines, wait 6 weeks, if you are not listed, submit again. Once you are listed, you need not submit again unless you make major changes to your site.

    Hope that helps.
  7. yardboyltd

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    Here's something to remeber. Google, the most widely used search engine currently, does not only search for the key words, but indexes based upon on the links on the pages. Pages that contain links with the search terms as well as the search term on it's page, ranks better.

    Think about this. It took me a while to find lawnsite through the search engine, but once your here, the community and all it's linked pages and member's pages all kind of revert back towards each other. This is a circle of links. Google recognizes the link circles and places websites in those circles with the search term occurring all through out it up higher.
  8. GrassMaster

    GrassMaster Senior Member
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    Hello Everybody:

    RaleighGuru, said>> Using software to get your site better listings will not help<<

    This is very Very True, Any of the Professional S.E.O.'s (Search Enginge Optimizers) out there only Submit by hand, It's the Only & Safest Way to Submit a URL?

    Continual Submitting to Search Engines will get you Banned & it's very hard to get that Decision Reversed once it's made.

    You can also use Alt Image tags for all your Pics using your Key Words & or Key Word Phrases.

    What Yardboyltd said is Also True, Link Popularity plays a Very Important Part of it T00! Just Be carefull who is Linked to you. And What you are Link too! It's Weighed Very Carefully. If it's not Green Industry related It coukld Hurt you more than Help you!

    And Do not under any Circumstances get involved in any Link Farms, FFA Pages - Free For All Pages. This will Hurt you more than Help you!

    There is So Many things that can be done to Properly Optimize your Web Site thus Making it Search Engine Friendly that it would take a Complete Forum to try to Attempt Covering all the Issues Involved in obtaing a High Search Engine Ranking! :)

    Then to make it worse the Search Engines are Continually Changing their Search Engine Rules & What Works Today will Not work 3 to 6 Months from Now!

    Search Engine Optimization done Properly is a Continual Learning Process. It Never Stops!

    Yes, This is an Excellent Thread & A Lot of Very Good Advice here! :)
  9. Stonehenge

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    from Midwest
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    You folks seem pretty knowledgable in this arena, so tell me if I'm off base here...

    When I first built my website, I was very concerned about ranking, search engine registration, and the like. Spent hours pouring over meta tag info sites and search engine registration sites. Did my tag thing, went to sites to have the tags rated for content, effectiveness, word duplication, etc. Then submitted them and checked every day to see if the search engines picked up my site.

    Now, a little over a year later, I don't worry about any of that. I check my webstats every so often and find that search engines I've never even heard of have found our site and people have found us through those engines.

    For a search engine to be successful they need to be good at: 1) finding websites and 2) accurately cataloging those sites. They find you. They all find you. You don't believe me? Run a search on your lawnsite username at google, and see if recent posts from this very forum don't come up.So I guess what I'm getting at is, for those of us who don't have web-based businesses, do we really need to be that concerned with being ranked #1? Especially when the rules change for ranking every few months?
  10. NewOrleans

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    How about directories?


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