Searching for a good, well made hitch carrier to haul snowblower

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 360ci, Dec 10, 2009.

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    Hopefully this is the right section to post this up.

    OK, here goes. I'm in the market for a hitch mounted carrier to haul a snowblower around. I'm in the market for a new blower as well, so width has yet to be determined, and I'm after a good hitch carrier to haul it around.

    The problem is, is that the few that I've found, either have very short sides, or NO sides at all to hold a blower in place (other than chains and bungee cords). I know I'm a bit paranoid at times, but I'd like to have at least 12" tall sides for better security, and additional tie-down points. My trailer doesn't have brakes, so I dare not use it in the winter. Having additional brake lights/turn signals couldn't hurt.

    So, if you own a hitch mounted carrier, I'd just like to get some particulars about it; where you bought it; was it custom; cost; manufacturer; etc. Any info would be great. I just don't want to go out and buy the first thing I see at a decent price, and then realize after I've used it a few times, that I could have done better. Again, I'd prefer one with tail/turn lights.

    Cost really isn't the issue, as I'd gladly pay more for a better built unit than one that will rust apart in a couple years. Having access to the hatch (it'll be used on my Durango) would be a bonus when the rack is empty, but isn't entirely necessary. Thanks guys.
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    I don't know about yours, but my snow blower weighs in at a little over 400lbs, plus the weight of the carrier, how high is your tongue weight rating on your durrango?
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    Here's what I bought last year:
    Notice that it's WIDER than most racks, most are only 24".

    I don't think ANY come with taller sides, you would have to fabricate your own... You can also buy a ramp for that particular carrier if your blower is selp propelled. I got mine specifically for my toro snow commander, it's th 24" monster 2 stroke single stage model. Just too heavy to pick all the way up into the bed of the truck all the time, and can't push it up ramps.

    That site is where I ordered mine from too. Be aware that it comes in a small box and a ton of nuts and bolts. Assembly is a tad confusing, and time consuming... haha
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    Why not just make one yourself or have one made to your exact specs?
  5. 360ci

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    I checked with a local welding shop, two thought the job was to small to be worth their while. I don't care for people who have bad attitude, so I won't go back there. Another guy says he can build one to spec, but he's rather busy for the next couple months on projects and by the time I get it delivered, the snow will be all but gone.

    I came across some hitch carriers for scooters and such, with ramps. They seem to be my best bet but I'll have to get taller rails welded on. There was a city vehicle that had one with a mesh floor that I saw, but the guy couldn't tell me anything about it other than the fact "it works"! Anyway, weight isn't a problem. I can put up to 750lbs on the hitch, although that's including the weight of the rack so a 600lb blower can be possible, but would be too much for my needs. It's a class IV hitch and in my full time 4wd spec I can tow 7300lbs, so, 730lbs max on the hitch. Payload is an astounding 1600lbs on this vehicle with my options, one of the best in class in the mid-size SUV category.

    I'll more than likely go with an Ariens snowblower, only because it's the ONLY one I've seen first hand that has a metal shute, and feels solid overall. The plastic chutes seem rather flimsy...I can only imagine what they'd be like after a couple of seasons.

    I came across this site when I ran a search the other day:

    It gives me some ideas, but nothing as nice as the rack I saw attached to a city truck two days ago. I'll phone them and see if they phone me back. They might have built their own carrier, and if that's the case, then I'll definitely shop around for a good welding outfit that's NOT too busy. Even if I have to drive out of my way I'm sure it'd be a worthy investment.
  6. 360ci

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    Not to revive an old thread, but I'm on the hunt again. As it's been a few years I figure there has got to be some newer products available. I'd prefer not to ship up from the USA, and get it within Canada to keep costs low. I previously managed to get a used rack from my uncle through the region/county. However, it was in bad shape when I obtained it but lasted me a couple years. The welds are coming loose and with the rust taking hold, one welding shop said the metal is too thin to weld in some areas so I dare not chance using it. Of course there's a couple more months of winter left.

    Apologies on not answer the questions previously. My tongue weight is 725lbs, so weight isn't the issue. Vehicle payload of my Durango is 1540lbs in R/T trim. Yes, I have more payload capacity than a Toyota Tundra crew 4x4! And I can seat two more passengers!

    Anyway, I picked up a new snowblower as well, at 27" clearing width so a 30" rack with a ramp will do fine. The blower is 269lbs.

    I came across this website, however shipping will cost me nearly as much as the rack: I am a bit skeptical about the rack only weighing in at 70lbs, so I question long term durability for the price.

    Cost for the rack itself doesn't bother me as it's a write off, as I own a few small apartment complexes and my own house, and I had older snow blowers (used ones!) kept on site at each building. Two were stolen over the course of three years, and one of my sheds was severely vandalized where I had to deconstruct it. Hence why I've opted to go with this option as it'll save me thousands in the long run.
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    That looks nice! Thanks for the link
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    since your in canada,have you checked princess auto ?they had two on sale a few weeks back ,both aluminum with a rail around them ,one had a 3 piece ramp ,and both had 500 lb capacity .Under $200 was the sale price on the bigger one .

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