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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by vaskeet, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. vaskeet

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    well I am searching for the right ZTR for me. I cut around 7 or 8 acres no slopes some lawn some pasture. some spots are prone to getting wet. mowers I have looked at so far john deere, cub cadet tank series, bad boy outlaw series, Husqvarna pz-60 series have all been eliminated due to control arms hitting my legs. ferris 3100, Hustler super z and toro pro 6000 34efi are still in the running ferris 3100 60 inch vanguard and the toro 6000 60 in 34 efi with hozizon will be about the same price $11,000 plus taxes . I still have to go see the Kubota zd366 , gravely 200 and 400 series, scag turf tiger and cheetah and big dog Diablo MP (red hustler) dealer. If the control arms come up and curve around your leg they seem to hit the bottom of my thighs the toro price is using the equine savings program which is 26% off msrp. I am looking at motors of at least 29 hp with 60 inch cuts. I can get a toro 6000 26.5 hp efi for 9500 plus taxes but I am not sure if it would have enough power. Would love to hear any advice any of you have
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    You might like the Gravely 400 series - Gravely has really adjustable sticks - and I think they may may extensions for them not 100% sure.....if you are in the $11k price range - dont even consider bad boy or cub cadet - they are not in the same country as Scag, Gravely or Deere.

    But if your a big guy with that much to mow - a Gravely 460 with their suspension seat is hard to beat. What a tank.....!
  3. vaskeet

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    the Gravely would probably be fine as the levers appear to be wide apart on the machine not curved to fit around your legs. My gravely problem is 60 miles to the nearest dealer (its 20 to the nearest dealer which is toro) extensions will not help I need them to go down as they hit the Bottom of my thighs maybe the suspension seat would help but none of the dealers near me has one for me to try if you look at the picture of the bad boy xp in this ad notice how the curved piece of the arm is touching his leg for me to use the bad boy I would have to sit with my feet together. After 3 knee operations that gets painful after a while. now if you notice on the toro the arms come straight up and are positioned further out to the side of the machine (wider between the 2 arms )
  4. whiffyspark

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    Cub cadet tank is every bit in the same catergory as Deere, gravely, etc

    Bad boys are great for the money
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  5. southerntide

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    Test them Deere's and Gravely's then pick both awesome JD 7 Iron is amazing
  6. tundraman

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    The Toro is the best machine for the money in my opinion. Of course I own one and like it.

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