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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eric ELM, Apr 15, 2001.

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    I posted on this the other day, but it had a bug in it which is now fixed, thanks to Pierre-Luc.

    Here is how you do it, say you want to find every member in Texas. Go to the Membership List and then the Advanced Search and put in Texas in the Location, also search with Tx.

    It says there are 2 pages of Texas and 4 of Tx. You have to do two separate searches to find the whole state name and the abbreviation. There are aproximately 20 members per page and if all pages were full there would be over 100 members from Texas, but not all last pages are full usually.

    I have found this to work good for Illinois, but not for Il. It finds any word in all locations with I and L in it, even the towns. For example, it would find someone from Silver (because there is an il in it) City also, if there is such a town. :)

    I hope this helps you members find others in your area easier.


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