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Searching someones driving background


LawnSite Senior Member
S. Jersey
Does anyone know if theres a number to call or association to contact that will tell you the driving record on a potential employee. I dont want to find out too late that this guy has major points AND driving my trucks. Thanks


LawnSite Senior Member
Portsmouth, VA
Why not have the prospective employee bring in a copy of their driving record from the DMV? It may even help keep less serious people from wasting some of your valuable time.
Most insurance companies do this as a manner of practice. Make all employment offers conditioned on an insurable driving record review. I had a couple try and sneak it in on me last year. For a good employee, the driving abstract should be part of the resume, application package.
Because of privacy issues, only an insurance company and the individual can get a copy of a persons driving record.

The best and easiest is to have the applicant bring a copy of driving record from your state agency. The otherway is to let the insurance company deal with it. Catch 22 of doing it this way is your time is wasted if the person is too much of an insurance risk.