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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SellOut, Jul 6, 2005.

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    How much advertising do you do in the start of the season? Saying March/April. :)
  2. ups

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    as much as you can.. if you can only afford to flyer/and only do it for a few hours per week then concentrate on the areas that you want to be in. if it is for lawns then concentrate on the areas where there might be people that are either new to the area or can afford lawns. when ever there is a new lawn always drop off a contract of flyer.. one with a quote already on it will entice the customer to call..
    crafty markteting.. advertise over and over to these neighborhoods and the market will think that a small company can afford to come and advertise in their neighbor hood and may seem like a larger more trust worthy company..

    i advertise all season.. every chance i get. but i advertise specifically for the current need, weather that be mulch in the spring, flowers, bush trimming, brick, fall clean up, sprinkler winterizing.. people think i am big but iam a small company making big profits on current needs of customers.. and who knows the bush trimming customer will eventually become the fall clean up customer and so on...

    if you cant handle all the business people will see right through it,. if you act like a all in one company but can not answer the price of certain things people will see it..

    always know and always act big..even if your not.. act as you are a strong company..even in the advertising..
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    Hardcore! That is peak of season, I advertise the MOST during this time but if I don't get what I need then I keep it going.

    This will vary from north-to-south, I'm in Virginia and would think Florida hits it earlier while New York hits it later. Maybe a few weeks, maybe a month, dunno.

    From what I've learned, March 1st - 15th is bs for me (hardly any calls and the few I get are real B.S.). March 15th - 30th is so-so, still iffy but april 1st the dookie hits the fan and it keeps going into May sometimes June.

    For this reason I like to start the last week of March (5-7 days before the 31st) as a start, then 100% MINIMUM until I can't take it anymore, and then some more, and some more, and then a few more after that (to make *sure*).

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