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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnworker, Mar 21, 2001.

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    How does every one out there think the stock market will effect there business this season.In my area things seem slower this year to start we are colder then normal like most of the east coast is.My newspaper ads are not very productive so far.I think i charge a little more then alot of people thats why i dont ever get alot of customers.With bad weather in all i wonder how big companys can even keep employees on staff when they cant work all the time.Does anybody else get really bored sometimes when they cant work? I like being self employed if i could figure out a business that could be done every day no matter the weather i would make a change but i know that no business is easy including Lawn care work.Alot of this business does come back to market conditions in your area.Sateration of people like me that work solo and mow what they need to get by and very few larger outfits.I might lower my prices to get more work depending how things go wants the season starts.How do you all deal with your taxis do you save as you go along are do you pay quarterly this is always a killer each year I know this is several topics together .

  2. joshua

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    on taxes i pay quarterly, not bad, does hurt the team but i'm getting money back this year because of my purchase of the lazer last year. and it helps out when tax time comes you don't have to pay a fortune.
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    I have no concerns about the stock market affecting business. My customers are still making the same amount of money salary wise as they were last year, if not more due to annual raises. The stock market is for the long run and even though they may have taken a hit like the rest of us, I'm sure they aren't paying me from their portfolio.
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    ... no the customer isn't paying out of their portfolio. But, the general economic decline, pessimism, etc will mean more people out of work. More newcomers to the lawn business may be the result. Also, with more white-collar types out of work, the discretionary spending to have somebody else do their mowing will cease. I have several customers with mowers sitting in the garage or barn, unused for years, but may pull them out when their employment ends.
  5. Scraper

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    Hey really isn't all that bad. Unemployment is still the lowest it has been in years. This is just another media sensationalized phenomenon. Dot com's which never should have been are laying off people and some manufacturing jobs lost, but for the most part the problem is the stock market, not the economy. As was stated by the Fed yesterday in their half-point drop in interest rates. The Fed is not here to help the stock market which is where the problem is now. Yes, the stock market may have an effect on the people's view of the economy, but look at the other stats and you will see the next great depression is not coming this year. The economy may be at a standstill if not declining a bit, but it is not a depression.

    P.S. Maybe that lawnmower that has been stored for years will be completely rotted out and unable to run. ;)

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