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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JML, Jan 30, 2001.

  1. JML

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    How much do you charge for each flat to install impatiens. Also how much do you charge to install mums/kale in the fall. I have never been asked to do this before, usually my customers do it themselves but this is for an apartment complex. They want 50 flats of spring annuals and in the fall they want 75 mums and 75 kale. how much would you charge to do this.. thanks

  2. rawrod

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    Insalled prices
    Flats of annuals 3x price
    Mums & Kale $6.00 to $6.25 8" pot

    Bed preperation is another issue. Impatients can be planted by Mother's Day and Mumms & kale around Sept. 1. Hope this helps.
  3. kermit

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    Never do installs at x times material costs. It can cost as much to install cheap plants as expensive ones. You must take the time to figure labour+material+overhead. If you don't take the time to figure this out you will never make a profit or you will be grossly overpriced and won't be able grow your business. Lots of books and consultants out there to help you figure out what you need to charge.
  4. VRL

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    I usually charge $24 per flat of 16. Not including materials and plants.
  5. Ocutter

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    $30-35 per flat of 48 plants.
    $6-8 per kale plant
    Add your time for delivery, setup, fert., etc.
  6. paul

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    boy prices are close :)
  7. Lanelle

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    Just a clarification on the term 'flat'. That can mean lots of things. A flat of market packs, 606, 3", 4" or 4 1/2" means a vast difference in the number of plants, cost and time it takes to install. For commercial installs we use 4" or larger. The larger plants have better root systems, make a faster show for the customer and can be planted on a wider spacing. Some will even ask for 6" or gallon size.
  8. VRL

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    Assuming 4" Annuals. Nurseries carry them here in California (16) 4" Annuals per flat.
  9. Lanelle

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    In the Mid-Atlantic region, flats of 4" can be 15 or 18 plants, depending on whether they are large (4 1/2") or small (about 3") pots. There is quite a price variation from suppliers also.
  10. JML

    JML LawnSite Senior Member
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    they are requesting market flats. how many are in a market flat.. thanks

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