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seasonal contract..... fall cleanups

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tomoaktree, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. tomoaktree

    tomoaktree LawnSite Member
    from WNY
    Messages: 114

    I've found fall cleanups a bit difficult to price. In the past I 've always separated the fall cleanups and mowings. I'm wondering if I should include the cost of mowing into the cost for fall cleanups (spring too ?). My ultra-vac made it alot easier to do the cleanups but some people are complaining that I just cut the grass to accomplish the fall cleanups and the grass did not require mowing.
    I was thinking of wording the contract to say I would come once in Oct. and twice in Nov. to do the fall cleanup ...mowing included.
    How do you guys word your spring and fall cleanups ?

    XOFMOT LawnSite Member
    Messages: 161

    What I did this year (being my first), was when I signed on a new customer, they signed a contract. The contract covered all the weekly maintenance for that persons property as well as the fall cleanup was figured into the weekly service visit price. EXAMPLE: a spring clean-up cost of $100.00 and a FALL leaf clean-up of $100.00 = $200.00, now take that total and divide it by the # of visits you will be performing service at their property (say...26 visits) that would become an additional $8.00 (rounded off to nearest dollar)per visit. So, if you are going to charge $40.00 for a weekly service visit, just add on the additional $8.00 to the per visit charge for a grand total of $48.00.
    Just make sure you CONTRACT a customer! I guarantee that I will be at their property for 26 visits. Even if I am in a drought situation, I will still visit their propery and maybe pull weeds, fluff up the mulch, and so on. But they will get their contracted service visits.
  3. BRL

    BRL LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,211

    Make sure you do a search in the Commercial Forum on leaf clean ups (just try "leaves" because there were all different subjects & I can't remmember which threads got into detailed pricing discussions). During some of the threads this fall there were some good discussions that would help you with this question. Customers complaining about mowing is interesting. It doesn't matter what tools you use as long as the leaves are gone without damaging anything. Explain to them that in order to keep your costs & their prices as low as possible, you utilize every peice of equipment to its best efficiency. If they don't want to see the mowers after the grass has stopped, tell them it'll be $500.00 for that leaf cleanup that's usually $350.00, that'll change their attitudes.
  4. Kelly Landscaping

    Kelly Landscaping LawnSite Member
    Messages: 7

    I had the same problem. I asked a few of the landscapers in my area that used a mower vac system the same question. How much should I charge? This was the advise given.
    Continue following your weekly mowing schedule in the fall with you vacuum attachment. Just charge what you would charge for a mowing, providing your not getting into bed clean-ups yet and the leaves are not heavy yet. You should be there about the same amount of time as you summer service. You should'nt be trimming & edging and the grass isn't growing. This system keeps your business steady, thier property looking good. And its easier on your equiptment picking up a few leaves at a time then inches of thick heavy leaves. Then your final fall clean-up (in beds,shrubs etc...) is a walk in the park.
    If you just doing a clean-up (not regular customer).
    If you would charge $30.00 to mow the lawn at a minimum double that to $60.00 for mow-vac.
    If a customer questions your price after the job is complteted quickly and easily politely explain to them the job would have cost more if had done it by hand (with rakes).

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