Seasonal Contract Vs. Yearly Contract

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES, Mar 4, 2006.


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    Ok Guys And Gals. I Am A Newbie Here And Am Tring To Figure Out The Pros And Cons Of Contracts. I Like The Idea Of Having The Income Of A Yearly Contract Where I Take The Total Cost Of Cutting A Customers Grass For The Season And Dived It By 12. I Am Concerned With How Many Of You Have Done This And Had Customers Back Out Of Thier Contracts And You Loose Money Since You Are Only Getting A Portion Of The Fees During The Growing Season. Seasonal Contracts Where The Customer Pays The True Cost Are Great For Me, But I Am Affraid That Some Customers Will Shy Away If It Adds Up Too High. What Gives? Can Anyone Shed Some Light On This Subject. Thanks Everyone...

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