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    Ive been wondering about this question for a while, but have been afraid to ask(Its uncomfortable to ask friends about how much they make). How much do you guys gross per season? and with what equipment and how many events? I will gross about $80,000 this season with 3 overworked trucks 3 overworked shovelers and one sander. It looks like we'll have about 15 events if it continues. With the payroll and all my troubles mentioned in earlier threads it doesnt seem like enough.
  2. John Allin

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    Are you talking gross income or gross profit ??

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    GROSS INCOME 100 k at current point on 50 inches so far

    3 trucks ,3subbed trucks,2 salters.......not sure if i want to go to the next level .....subbing more out....happy where i am at now
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    Gross income. If it was 80k profit I would be plenty satisfied. I took 3 new places this year and each one was underbid by about a third in my estimation. I know next year to look at how shady places are. All 3 asked for low salt. Low salt plus shade= complaints and icy lots. Next year I'll hit them for all my callback time.
  5. John Allin

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    Hmmmm..... not sure if I should respond to this one.
  6. JCurtis

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    Good Idea John, there are probably so many zeros on your gross income figure that we would need a roadmap to find the decimal point!

    No sense in making us all sick!
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    Ok John maybe hitting them for callback time is the wrong way to go about it. Maybe a better idea would be to say if you want low salt call someone else. It sure doesn't make me look good to be scraping up ice a week after the storm. I'm probably a lot more vulnerable to liability lawsuits too.
  8. plowjockey

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    If you put in the contract that the customer has requested low salt thus allowing for the possibility of ice and liability, and the customer by requesting this takes on all responsibility (or something along those lines) you should be able to cover yourself. I'm no Atty. so be sure to check with one to find the proper way to word it.

    Happy Plowing
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    come on john! Now that ya got me thinking.....
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    All we need to make is enough to get to Denver for cocktails and Magic covered pretzels :D :D :D

    P.S JA is still counting......

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