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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ultracut518, May 27, 2008.

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    I am a small lawn care operation with myself and 2 summer (college) employees. In the summer when we are all 3 working, my weekly mowing accounts get done without any problems. In early fall (sept) when they go back to school, im left with way more than I can handle for 1 person. So, I guess I need help making a decision here. Do I get rid of just enough accounts so that I can go solo and do everything myself all season? Are there any other options? Thanks in advance
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    you might try to get help from a temp. agency if your accounts are enough to pay the freight.

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    I just started doing this, so my feedback is somewhat limited as of now, but I found a couple small start-up LCO's to sub mowing out to, so I can keep my mowing to a manageable amount of hours. It allows a good bit of flexibility....I can sub out more jobs if I have other high-profit work on the schedule, and take some jobs back if things slow down. It's sort of like using a temp agency except you never have to see the temp, and the temp comes complete with their own truck and equipment.

    I've been checking out the local newspaper looking for ads that look like new LCOs. There's always guys that need work.

    I'm finding also, it's working out cheaper than having a full time employee on the payroll.
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    If you have workers comp and are insured you can get inmates from Detention centers who are allowed out on work release. If you have 1 close to you it might be worth it. Cheap labor and they will work hard. Just tell them if they don't work at a steady pace they will not be getting out tomorrow cause you will ask for someone else.
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    ^thats some sketch **** right there lol
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    Not people I would realy want at my customers properties.

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