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    Hey there - just wanted to mention a quick note to everyone to consider our newest product - Seasonal Service Calendars. Its a great way to promote fall clean up & prepare your customers for the other services coming up. It's distributed by mail or while you distribute your Band-It Door Hanger. Because it is completely customizable, it allows you to give your customer a calendar that includes a check list of all the services they will need from you during the upcoming season. Our design is really handy for the customer as well because it has space for them to fill out the date you gave them when they called to schedule the service with you.
    You can distribute this at the same time as you distribute your standard door hanger with our innovative Band-It design that allows you to distribute two ads at a time. Right now you can get 1,000 4.25 x 11 Door Hangers to put your standard advertising information on and 1,000 of the 6x9 Seasonal Calendars including Stick-It so they can post it on their fridge & be prepared to call you for the upcoming services... including design & freight for $255.
    Go to for more information OR
    Request samples to be mailed to you at so you can check them out

    We are also running an awesome special for our Door Hangers that won't fall off that includes free design & free shipping for as low as $99 for 1,000 or $189 for 2,500.

    Call or email me for more conversation 866-778-4254 - ext 200

    Robin Christopherson
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