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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by MPhillips, Oct 10, 2002.

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    Kind of a crazy question here...when we install fall/summer annuals they're typically long beds, 3 foot deep or so. After we plant we've always gone back and poured the pine chip mulch between the plants to mulch. This is always an awkward process, with plants at 8"to 12" centers sometimes chips get dumped on plants, it's hard to control the thickness of the mulch...I've been toying with different ways of installing the mulch, a different way to apply them. I've tried putting them down first, and then planting...that didn't work real well, now I was thinking of making some sort of "application spout" with black pipe. Does anyone do anything different, anything that works real well?
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    If you plant the annuals close enough together for them to grow into a mass, just mulch the outer edges of the bed. Then apply an over-the-top pre-emergent herbicide.
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    We just throw them out with our hands, trying not to cover the plants completly. Within a matter of days they will pop up. It is funny that you mention this though, because if it were up to me I would not use them at all. They cost(material+labor), they only stay visible for a short amount of time, when you prep your beds you have to rake them out(at least I do). I do not recommend turning pine nuggets back into the soil, anyway>

    I know the 1st bed I don't use them though someone will say "Where are the nuggets?" UUUUUHHHHHH!!!!:confused: So we use them. I guess I could compare nuggets to pruning Crape Myrtles.
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    thanks for the replys...I was afraid this was a real silly question...but it's kind of an unneccessary task that takes a lot of time...

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