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    Well I went yesterday to get some seat time in a new sport. my dealer had a 42 sport on the floor,, and a fast-trak 48 side by side. Both with Honda's. Gave me a chance to see more than what a few pics could justify. Like what I seen.
    I am wondering though, as the 42 has no left side hang out for close triming with out dragging the rear tire,, with a 48" deck, would the extra 6" of deck be all on the left side,, or centered under the unit, really only giving you 3" more left hang out? These folks are really a Motor sports dealer, quads, sleds, utv's and Only Hustler Ztr's with Honda engines.

    With all the info I have gained from here snooping around about the sport, I seemed to have more info than they did. they were not aware of the loss of the Honda engines, due to EPA crap. and told me they had a mini Fast Trak with a 48" deck at the other store. I thought the mini was only 36-42 deck. The one they mentioned was a demo at the other store and said they'd make me a deal on it. They're gonna call me back with a price, and specs to see if it's a mini or reg fast trak. We'll see.
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    The Honda on the Sport is going away after the first of the year, we have built up plenty of inventory though before the 1st, they will be available in the spring still at the dealer level.
    The Honda on the FasTrak Super Duty is staying and is EPA compliant.
    The extra trim on a48" is very nice to have.


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