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    I am in need of a complete set of Red/Maroon seatbelts for a 79 Crew cab Dually.... Theye are shoulded and 1 set of laps in the front and all laps in the rear....

    any help would be greatly appreciated..... I would prefer GM units only......
  2. Jeff's Classics

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    You can try Ssnake Oyl here in Texas. They re-web seatbelts, but also have some in stock, so they may be able to help you. Here's their web site:

    They restored the belts in my '74 Corvette, beautiful stuff!!
    Also, have you tried the GM dealer? I have been told that alot of seatbelts are still available due to the huge amount of these trucks that were sold.
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    I would try your local GM dealer also, thats where i was able to get a middle lap belt for my 79-k-20. Good luck!

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