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    How many ZTR's have seatbelts on them?
    Bad news yesterday in the paper in NW Indiana.....18 yr. old employee of a LCO was mowing the bank near a lake and lost it, somehow cleared a cement retaining wall, and ended up under the mower in 5 ft of water. The rest of the crew looked for him @ 10 minutes later and saw the machine ( an older scag i think) "floating" in the water. I think he made it after a quick medi-vac to Chicago emergency.
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    First of all, SCAG's can NOT possibly "float"!!

    Second, sounds like a horrible story, hope he makes out OK!

    Third, Seatbelts only work when there is a ROPS installed. Without a ROPS, a seatbelt on a ZTR is pure suicide!

    Nuff Said!
  3. DITTO!!!!!!

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