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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by mrkosar, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. mrkosar

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    anyone using this stuff at any capacity?

    i have heard of folks using it as a preventative for diseases because it strengthens the root system, but has anyone experienced or heard of using it as a curative spot treatment?

    what about compost tea spot treatments?
  2. Daner

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    It will Increase microbial activity In the soil surface...which Is a good thing...reducing thatch buildup. The benifit window is short lived...good for maybe 2 weeks... I have never used It for spot treatments...I know It will green the grass up nice without making It grow fast.:weightlifter:
  3. NattyLawn

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    We use seaweed primarily for rooting sod and giving seedlings a boost after germination.

    I have spot treated summer patch and red thread with straight compost tea and saw good results.

    We offer spring and fall bio booster treatments with fish, seaweed, humate, and compost tea among other ingredients to boost microbial actvity and also acts as a disease preventative and curative.
  4. earthguy

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    I use both in my business and get good results. Compost tea is great for red thread as well as dolloar spot but not so good for brown patch on fescue. Sea weed is loaded with micronutrients and also acts as a food source for beneficial microbes in the soil. I highly recommend both
  5. Nathan Robinson

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    I seen sea weed compost in a lesco mineral concentrate today. Its a liquid iron with the sea weed compost in it. Looks like these guys saying organics are terrible may be taking their first steps in a positive direction.

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