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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McClain, Jan 19, 2006.

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    I have this business that pays $420.00 a week when growing not much grass to mow but weed eating is. I also pick up all trash in the yard, fill in any tire marks that the trucks make (not many) and blowing off the drive and walk areas. I had brought up the idea of lowering the price to $400.00 a week 52 weeks a year, but any additional work or material was to be paid for by company. Does this sound good or did I make a mistake and does anyone have a contract already made out for this type of deal?
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    If they know your willing to do it without a contract ..then why would they sign one. If you want them to sign a yearly contract your going to have to lower your price to around $850 a month
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    WHAT??? Drop your price down to basicly half just to get someone to sign a service agreement?

    I'm missing something here. $420 a week for how many weeks (you say when its growing, how many weeks is that) VS 400 a week all year long and the customer pays for material? I'm lost. So your loosing 20 dollars a visit but bumping the visits up how many more weeks and saving the money by not paying for material. Sounds like you'd be making more money that way. I wouldn't lower a price just to get someone to sign a service agreement, leaving money on the table by doing that.
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    First off welcome to Lawnsite!!! You will learn more here in a month than you will in a year without it. That being said I would bid the job just for the mowing, trimming, and trash clean-up weekly. Then any other add-ons (dirt, extra labor) bill those seperatly or you lose on valuable money, like mark up. They probaly won't want to lower it because they are probably getting a better deal if you are paying for those out of the $420. Good luck!
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    Why doesn't he just kick himself in the ****?

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    If they pay on time, don't change a thing.

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