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    while i am planning for my biggest year ever, ive come to realize that keeping organized is gonna be a real tough part of it. i am more or less a one man show, but i plan to service 40-50 weekly mowing accnts, about 15 fert programs, as well as landscape installations, trimming, etc. i will hire one full timer, and one part timer this season. doing the labor, planning, estimating, work on equipment, customer relations, not to mention paperwork: billing, banking, pesticide usage info, research, calling back customers, etc. this is way too much for one man? or is it? how many of u have secretaries, or your wife to help out? im trying to get my wife to really be commited to our business, but its really tough.
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    90% of the time I am my own secretary. I guess its the "nobody can do it as well as me" problem.

    Don't force the business on your wife. She will come to regret and hate the business. If she really wants to see the business succeed she will get involved in her own time.

    My girlfriend offers to take over my books. She is a CPA, but I still don't let her. I guess its the accountant and finance guy still in me. I want to control my own $$$.
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    I have a similar work load as you w/50 customers, except no fert program.

    My wife does the majority of paperwork during the season. As a matter of fact, when I answer the business phone, the customers usually chat for a minute w/me, tell me what they want and than know to ask for Dee, my wife, to actually make sure the work gets scheduled. BTW the above post is correct, don't try to force someone to help, they will only regret it. This job had to grow on my wife. I'm glad it did.
  4. As the bookkeeper and (home) office manager for the operation she knows where the money comes from.

    She didn't even blink yesterday when I walked in and said that I'd just spent two thousand bucks on a toy manure spreader!

    She just looked at the picture and asked dryly "will that thing spread compost on my garden?" As if it were never going to leave the house.

    Sometimes I need that little extra motivation. I'm going to sell topdressing if I have to give it away! No.. can't do that, she'd catch me. LOL

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    I had my wife as a secretary, so to speak, and now that we are in the process of getting a divorce it is becoming a major hassle all around.

    I would suggest, if you must have someone else do the paperwork, that it not be a spouse. I thought we would be together forever. Apparently I was wrong, and my I have a feeling my business decision on that part is going to haunt me for a while...
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    I could not do it with out my wife. She runs the hole office, all I do is give the price of the jobs and she does all the rest. IF it wasent for her, are co would a real mess.
  7. I agree with slplow, if it wasn't for my wife I'd be going in circles 20 hours a day. And of course you ASK if she would like to be involved. Why would you want somebody helping you that doesn't want to?
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    Word of advice: Don't hire someone you can't fire! ie. friend, relative or spouse. All successful business have a successful business owner. In the above situation they are going to question your authority to the detriment of your business.

    If you are going to run a professional business, then hire professionals!
  9. my wife has been great for our business all our customers love her
    They love Her italian accent and one time we got a nice good account because those people were sicilian to
    We got a great account and also some new dear freinds now .
    I wouldnt think of haveing the business phone at any of my brothers places .
    MY wife and my sister in law the cpa are our two biggest assets
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    You just found out why I want to get married, lol lol lol. Just kidding, if you hire your wife make sure she is good as your secretary b/c you can't fire her. My buddies' dad's big LCO has his wife as the secretary and she is great at it.

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