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  1. Robert Ewald

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    My wife to be in 6 months is a huge asset to our company. She not only helps with some of the office stuff but isn ot affraid to get dirty either. Wow does she get some looks from other women when she is walking the Toro Dingo around. And just in case any of you are wondering no she isnt some big burly half man half woman. She is a petite beautiful hard worker.

    It is great to see so many guys speak highly on there wives you just dont see that to often

  2. Robert Ewald

    Robert Ewald LawnSite Member
    Messages: 31

    Sorry I made a spelling error on my last post I ment to say and she is not afraid to get dirty. Sorry about the confusion.
  3. Rodney Johns

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    looking back...I can't spell either (maybe a spell check in posts would be a neat feature)

    Anyway my wife is hot as all get out. Always helps out with sales. I forgot to mention that.
  4. thelawnguy

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    Nothing wrong with a wife as a secretary. Its the ex, or soon to be ex, which will cause the problems.

    Just be aware. Nothings certain in this world, my friends...

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