securing 21" mower on trailer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kemco, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. kemco

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    Ive been using a couple JungleJim "jungle boots" for the last few years. Never really fit my honda commercial 21"s very well. They are wearing out and getting bent (and ive bent them back many times) but my mowers keep popping out and slamming into the back gate a few times a day. Just broke another blade engage handle today (3rd one this year) and Im getting tired of replacing them. Might buy new jungle boots, if I have to, but was wondering if anyone was using another product to secure their 21s. Im not interested in any type of strap system though. Something like the jungle boot that is very quick and easy to secure the 21s. Any help is appreciated... link to product website would be great.
  2. vencops

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    My "product" is a couple 2x4's nailed to the deck. I keep my 21" in the front corner of my trailer. Above my 21" is my landscape basket. IF....I was in an accident, it would have one helluva time dislodging from my trailer, completely. I honestly don't think it's possible.

    It's never come out of my little "system". And, the money's right.
  3. jsf343

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    I have researched this quite a bit as well and haven't found too much out there. I too use the jungle boot (it is about the best I can find) I feel your pain and frustration about the mowers coming out, the boot getting bent, etc. the same thing has happened a few time to us as well. In the end I found that using the boot and 1 strap seemed to work pretty well and kept the mower from moving side to side (which is how it jumps out of the boot).

    So I would say to experiment with that type of a set up, from what I have seen it is about the best there is out there.

    If by chance you find something please PM me and let me know and I will do the same if I find anything,

  4. kludgemonkey

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    Kewl, we both use the same product. I call it 'My product' thought. lol
  5. cut level

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  6. Agape

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    yeah, me too, hated bungees. don't drive like a maniac, and if you do, screw a 2x4 in to chok the front and screw another 2x4 on top of it or bolt a 4x4
  7. vencops

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    I forgot to trailer does have 2' expanded metal sides, though.

    May be important. May not.
  8. tuffram

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    I use the Jungle Jim Boot on my exmark 21. I have the same problems with it coming out. The exmark 21 is very heavy and seems to bend the boot same as you are talking about. Before I bought the boot I used a 4x4 post cut 5 inches wider than the front of the mower with 2 notches cut in the post for the front tires to go into and 2 6 inch long bolts I dropped through the floor of the trailer behind both back tires this setup worked well.
  9. topsites

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    I throw my wheel barrow over it, upside down, instant garage.
    The barrow. I chain that to the front so it don't fly off.
  10. ATLandcare

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    Why are you not interested in just strapping it....strapping it is still quick, easily done with one person, and has never EVER failed me.

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