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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SIRCAESAR, Jul 13, 2004.


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    Hey guys, what are some of the methods you used to secure your first commercial accounts, I have about 15 or so residential, that I am doing on a part time business. but I am ready to go full time, i have the following ?'s for you seasoned vets here on lawnsite, have any of you or do any of your work for builders..many of the lco's in my area are doing the new home subdivisions, until they are sold, then they canvas the homeowners.. i emailed a few builders inquiring about commercial bids, no one has do I advertise to them, and what other commercial properties should i consider. funny thing is their was this guy in the paper advertising contracted routine work, it turned out he had 43 hud homes that needed to be cut ever 10 days, the bad thing is he wanted to only give me $15 a house, although he did say no edjing or trimming had to be done, I asked him the size of the largest property, he said they were average size.. the good news is the contract is year round, the bad news is its only paying about $1900 a month, which includes cutting 43 properties every 10 days.. i quickly caught on this guy is trying to subcontract the work.. i have not given him an answer, i told him i would have to see all of the properties, what do you guys think, with me being a newbie, should i go for it.. or wait for something better to come along?

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    I think I would pass on that one. No sense in working hard for little pay, even if you got the time.

    Try asking you residential customers who is in charge of the HOA they live in. Most of these places have it in their by-laws that the property has to be re-bid every 2 or 3 years.

    I do the lawn of a guy who is the president of the HOA, he was basically gonna give me the job, but they needed snow removal and I don't do that, couldn't find anybody to subcontract it to

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