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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mmacsek, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. mmacsek

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    I took delivery this week on an enclosed trailer. My question is how do you secure them? The back ramp door and the coupler are the areas in question. I looked into the high security padlocks but don't know if it will fit the back door. Right now the trailer is not hooked up but during the mowing season it usually stays attached to the truck. I realize no system is foolproof. Any tried and true methods? Thanks Matt
  2. 4734

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    Something like a removable coupler would be great, I'm sute someone makes one.

    If it has tandom axles you can run a chain through two wheels on one side. If it is a single axle you can chain the axle to a fixed object. Just don't forget to unlock it before you leave.

    I have seen coupler lockes broken and even the door latches knocked off to gain entry.

    I would secure the trailer in an inclosed garage or storage building, secure the trailer with a chain to a fixed object. Have a removable tongue and a big mean hungry dog chained to it.

    Thats about what it takes to keep a enclosed trailer around here.

    So if someone really wants it, they will get it.
  3. Moguy

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    I dont own one of these but, Masterlock makes universal coupler locks in 2" & 2" 5/16. I bought heavy duty locks for the ramp door and I have seen others that incorporate a bar that goes across the whole back door. I also found this while looking for locks and such for my trailer...
  4. mbricker

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    For the coupler you can buy 2 types of locks, depending on the style of coupler. One is a simple locking pin that goes thru a hole on some couplers to prevent being unhitched, or prevent someone from opening coupler to hitch up if you have left trailer parked. Other coupler lock encloses some types of couplers and is padlocked. I welded up something like that with a chain that wraps around trailer tongue to padlock.

    For gate, I would think manufacturer would have installed hasp(s) for padlock(s). Should be easy for you or dealer to install. When you are parked for the night, maybe there is a way you can back close to an obstacle that blocks gate from being opened
  5. DJL

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    I don't have an enclosed trailer. However, how about backing the trailer up to a garage door, building, etc. Pretty hard to open a door with a building in the way. Now, I realize they could move the trailer, but it is much more difficult with the truck still attached to it and locked.

    If that is not an option, chain the tires together if it is single axle so they would have to drag the whole darn thing. If you are really serious and crime is a real problem how about one of those boots that go around automobile tires they use in major cities? I guess the previous writer was correct, if they want it, they are going to take it!!!
  6. mmacsek

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    I do back up against a fence most of the time. I forgot to mention that. I don't feel my neighorhood is high crime , but I don't want a first. The last 2 years I had an open trailer and tarped it at night.(backed against the fence) I have a coupler lock made by Master but it fits a 2" coupler only. The new trailer is 2 5/16 and I can't find one on their website. The lock slid over the coupler , covered it completly, and a key opened up an access hole. You then turned a big screw in with an allen wrench through the access hole and it locked the lock to the coupler.
    Thanks for the responses. Matt
  7. mh1314

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    As far as securing the inside contents, if your trailer has a battery for the break-away electric brakes, you can use the power from that battery for an alarm. If you hide the wire, the average crook won't think of that battery powering anything. If you're real savvy you could put a motion or position switch on the alarm.
  8. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I think a read a post here a while back about someone running voltage through the metal parts of a trailer......he said that tends to keep hands off..

  9. Likestomow

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    To secure the back door, only use a round lock like you'd see on a storage building. Any paddlock can be cut VERY easily, so don't waste your time, money, and tears on a normal paddlock. I've been there and done it twice, and now EVERYTHING I lock up is locked with a round lock. If a round lock won't fit, I work on it until it does fit.

    As far as the coupler lock goes, the truth is that nothing is thief-proof for couplers. There are many products out there, but a couple of licks with a 10 pound hammer would break any of them. I just use a standard coupler lock, which I know would take about 5 seconds to break. The rest I leave up to my insurance policy.
  10. sprout

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    :waving: When I had my enclosed trailer, I rigged up a dead bolt latch, one on each side of the ramp door, high up at the top on the inside. So fi the cut the locks on the out side, the dead bolts would sunk'em. The side door I ran a large bolt up thru the bottom frame. (this is was not visible) The pictures below my give you some ideas.


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