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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by markam70, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. markam70

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    For anyone using security/alarm systems at their shop, what kind do you have and what are its pros and cons?
  2. bob21

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    I would also like some info on this. thanks
  3. C&K

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    I would recommend a LARGE dog. Pros: Nothing will ever be stolen or tampered with. Cons: Cleaning up the poop.

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
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    Are you looking for something to scare a burglar away, notify law enforcement, or record activity?

    I have been looking at a 160GB DVR system from Sams Club for about $1500. Unfortunately, it has more than I want in the package. It's basically a whole computer system w/monitor 4 day/night cameras, cables and software.

    The software allows you to record on each channel and you can go back and select from anywhere on a calendar in 15 minute increments. You can view in normal or slow or fast speeds, forward or reverse on a sliding scale.

    My equipment is kept at my house and I live far enough out of the city that county deputies are the only people that would respond to a burglar alarm. That usually gives a burglar enough time to get what they want and be gone before the police show up. A monthly service is useless where I live.

    I would feel better having high resolution video of everything that goes on around my house (or shop). Most burglaries are not random. Thieves usually know the schedule around a place before they hit it. If I can look on a video and see a suspicious vehicle or a trespass before something bad happens, that's to my advantage.:)
  5. markam70

    markam70 LawnSite Member
    from USA
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    i am thinking more of an alarm system that has a siren and signals authorities. our local phone company offers this but for 2 motion detectors and keypad, they want $1400 plus a monthly fee. there are plenty of systems online but i wanted to see what experiences others have had with them before purchasing
  6. ECS

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    I do not have one but half of the homes I take care of have them. There are several different kinds out there. If someone else is also going to have the code, employees, foreman, whatever, get one where each one has their own code. This way you can track at any time who turned the alrm off and when. Should their ever be a problem with something missing, you can check who was in there.

    If the alarm goes off, the alarm company will call the first phone # on their list. If they do not get a response on the phone, they will dispatch the police or fire department if it is a fire alarm. If they get a response on the phone they will ask if you want the police sent.

    Whether the alarm is on or off, the fire alarm is always on.

    Make sure you get a password set up and change it if someone with the code is no longer around. That way if they set off the alarm and are not supposed to be in there, they have to have the password. If employess have the code and they set off the alarm, they must call the alarm company right away and give them the password.

    I also believe that you get a reduction on your insurance with an alarm system.

    When you enter, you have usually 30 seconds to turn the alarm off before it goes off. When you set the alarm to leave, yo uhave about 30 seconds to get out before the alarm will go off.

    There are 2 settings on all the alarms I deal with, one for stay and one for away. If set to stay, the motion detectors are off, but the alarm is still set. When set to away, the motion dectors are also turned on.

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