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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RedWingsDet, Mar 30, 2008.

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    Hey guys, this is mainly for the guys who's shops are separate from their home. However all input is appreciated.

    I am wondering what everyone is using for a security and/or video surveillance systems. I am looking to hook one up (inside and outside), and view the cameras from my home.

    Please let me know what you guys are using, brands, makes, effectiveness of the system, and how much did it cost you?

    Thanks guys, I look forward to the responses!
  2. Gatewayuser

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    I am using a system that is going to be installed in a week.
    The whole building is motion, window and door monitored. Also if someone trys cutting the phone line then it goes into cell mode and calls the police. It also has thermal detectors so no one can get past the motion. The key pad is also special but I don't want to go into that so it stays effective. ;)
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    dog and gun
  4. humble1

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    i also am on a call firedept all the cops in town know me, so if someone who isnt me is here good chance they will get caught
  5. Smokey5826

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    During the winter months when I am not plowing (for the last couple of years) - I have been working for a company that installs fire alarms and security alarms. Even during the landscape season, if a big job comes along, I've helped him. You mentioned 'thermal detectors' - not a good recommendation - your cooling down equipment might give it trouble. I would just suggest motions, that have really good ones out now with quality and range (some can work to 60 ft and over)... get glass break detectors also, those cost about the same price as motion detectors. Your overhead doors like garage doors, make sure that the installer uses 'armor cables'. If you are going with video also, I suggest IR cameras (infrared, and I prefer the brand Lilan) inside and out and keep your DVR on a UPS (uninterrupted Power Supply) and behind a locked door or hidden very well. If you get a pretty good panel that is equipped to handle fire alarm also, I would install heat detectors instead of smoke detectors in the 'shop area', to deter from false alarms from vehicles. Depending on the size of the job, the company I work for would consider traveling - we've traveled up to 200 miles to do jobs, and he's even bid on a job in Florida (I live near Cleveland, Ohio). Also, just an FYI, if you are going with the security company that has 3 letters in their name and begins with the letter 'A' and ends with the letter 'T', you honestly are paying more for the name, other companies can do the exact same thing and have better customer service, with a cheaper monthly monitoring price, and cheaper install prices. Everyone out there uses the exact same stuff for security, their stuff isn't any better than the 'small business' guys stuff. If anyone else has any suggestions / comments on particular items relating to security items, please ask me - I hate hearing when landscape companies get their things ripped off by dirt-bags. Hope this helps everyone...
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    haha no I looked at ADT and was not impressed. I went with Guardian. I have the fire option inside the house but not in the garage, I may do what you suggested.
    Never thought about the thermal issue, I will have that changed!



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