sedding fert air with bad berm dirt area

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by cdsport, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. cdsport

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    Looked at a job the other day from a previous lawn care business. instead of using top soil they used berm dirt 50% rock & most grass did not take. ground is pretty solid on top. about 25-30% has growth in the area spread out.
    Owners would like to have separate prices for seeding, fert, air rating & mowing. area is 19,600 SF +/- The grass that is there is very thin and new. Any suggestions on what to loosen the top layer of ground so the seed can take better besides slice seed? ( don't have a slicer)

    they do not want to bring in more top soil either asked that question already.

    2 areas

    both area below have several dozen tree to trim around, fence 250 LF each & other area to weed wack near stone wall etc I have a 42 rider , 22 WB to use. both have slight grade that is walkable

    area 1 - 9,200 SF mow , fert & air, 170L x 54w

    area 2 - 19,600 SF mow, fert, air rae & loosen ground up(this is the area with berm & not top soil. & a septic mound to mow & as well. length 250 LF x 78 approx average. l

    thank you
  2. Smallaxe

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    Why are you aerating? Do not bother with grass now on useless soil - wait till fall. Is there irrigation? Why no mention of weeds?
  3. cdsport

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    Aerating was thinking to help loosen up the packed soil, At the moment not seeding till what is there grows in more for some erosion control so the new seed does now wash away as much , as well as cover. Its not a lawn to walk on but more cosmetic looking that is why they do want more top soil brought in as well as they were charge for topsoil the first time, just bitter that this is what they got, its a weekend house for them on the lake. they may change there mind after thinking about it..but hey septic mound looks great the only spot though....:)..the Irrigation will be provided by sprinklers. At the moment there are no weeds only what grass is growing there( tech a weed.)
  4. Smallaxe

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    So you are dealing with rocky, clay soil.
    No weeds, indicates pre-m was probably used by previous guys, so seeding may be in vain anyways.
    No irrigation, and weekend dwellers, with a busted lawn budget, means take it slow build up the soil over time.

    This is a low maintenance lawn...Mulch clippings into the ground... 1 application of fert... and that as a winterizer... 2 apps. is considered - medium maintenance - and probably a waste at this time... Overseed only areas that will get 'sprinkled' in the fall... cover with compost, unless it is an erosion area... next spring will be a little better...

    That way or the 'throw money at it' way. :)
  5. cdsport

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    from NE PA
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    well they have the money 1/2 mil house easily. just that they put a lot into it already & got screwed. Unfortunatley i know the company as well & have seen his work he hides alot they also rehab homes & hide what ever they can & claim i didn't know since he is not really a contractor, just a fix it upper guy.
    they just wan tto try to get it grew I already told them there would be a few seeding & will tke into next year to look half way decent. Im use to some smaller lots & not as much on teh bigger scale. Fert I usually go 3 - 4x the cost of what I buy it for, much 2 -3 times depending on location etc.

    just trying to figure a price to loosen up the ground so the grass has something to take hold to.. & what to charge for seeding a & air.. thank you
  6. packey

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    I am not familiar with PA, But I have lived in Northwestern Co. I know the climate is different but I think your grasses are similar. If you have the ability to get your hands on a deep tine machine to help break up the soil I would if not I would use a chain harrow. I know you where planning on letting the seeded areas come in but I would not I would not waste anymore time and go straight to getting a lawn in. if you are willig to check the sprinklers every day or you have some one who can it will work. My preference would be for a ky fescue mix with a quick growing rye to help hold the dirt until the fescue and ky come in. Be upfront with them the only way to get the lawn seeded and growing now will be labor entensive. You have 3 grood months to get lawn growing so get to work

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