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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by oceanpotion, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Ok, so I have used the Atrazine powered weed and feed from Lesco and all the clovers are gone in my yard. Now what is the procedure for controlling the sedge type weeds? I know the early spring pre-emergent is important as far as keeping them at bay. But for right now how can I get rid of them?
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    Basagran, Compass, or Q4 kills it.:usflag:

    Try to spray it when it's nice & tall, then wait a week before mowing.
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    More than likely you have St. Augustine turf. Do not use anything with 2-4D or your grass will be dead. Basagran will help but no dice. Your best choice for yellow or purple sedge and green Kylinga would be Sedgehammer or Dismiss. Image is good but you've got to be careful not to spray it while grass is dormant or it will be dead. Image is great when turf is growing strong.
    Do not mow two (2) days prior application and 2-4 days after application.
    Generally, you will needs a couple of treatments. Sedge is tough and needs your pre-em for what few seeds fall but most of it spreads from the nutlets.
    Also there are many posts here dealing with sedge. Use the search feature for more info.

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