See Special Report Video and hear Audio Podcast on tonight's Tornadoes and Storms

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    Numerous tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect again tonight over much of the southern and central Plains and parts of the Ohio Valley/

    A SPECIAL REPORT has been issued on this widespread outbreak tonight. GO TO LawnSIte Weather Tab and view latest weather video and audio podcast marked SPECIAL REPORT.

    Also, see latest live radar, and watch and warning outlines on both South Central and Midwest Radars.

    Also, see Severe Weather and view current radar with watches.

    Finally, a significant number of severe weather reports will be found on tomorrow mornings severe weather report map and hyper-link as discussed in today's blog. View data by clicking hyper-link in Severe Weather Reports under the Severe Weather Tab at the top left portion of the LawnSite Weather Website.
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    As of midnight CDT, numerous severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings are in effect over Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas as well as southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. As of Midnight there were no TORNADO WARNINGS IN EFFECT...however; while the risk of tornadoes is diminishing, there will be a chance of night-time tornadoes in these very strong supercells and bow line echoes. You should keep alert if you are in or near or ahead of any of these storms as they push east northeast at 40 mph.

    As of midnight, 6 tornadoes, 25 wind damage reports and over 119 damaging hail reports have come in to Weather Briefings and the Storm Prediction Center.

    TO get an early start, to to the latest severe weather reports by clicking on the LawnSite Weather Tab, then the Severe Weather Tab, going to the Severe weather Reports and clicking on the underlined hyper-link: [U]Here's a full list of yesterdays storm reports As discussed in the blog, every detaii, down to the longitude and latitude of the storm report and the actual damage is reported. Numerous reports of trees down and damaged lawns with clutter and branches have already come in.

    A potentially stronger day of tornadoes is forecast somewhat further north tomorrow over the Northern Plains into the Mid-Mississippi Valley. We have the outlooks for tomorrow already posted on the Severe Weather Page below all of the watches. Be advised that some storms are forming early this morning over northeast South Dakota into Nebraska ans some of these storms will be strong to locally severe with high winds and small hail. Later this Tuesday, this area will be under the gun for severe

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