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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kootoomootoo, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. kootoomootoo

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    Hi Guys,
    Have a job that requires seeding 100,000 sq ft.

    Approx 65000 is bare and newly graded and 35000 is
    the original Bluegrass, Rye & Tall Fescue Lawn.

    I plan on cutting existing lawn very very short and then spraying the exisiting lawn areas with roundup because
    customer wants bluegrass / rye and no fescue. I plan on using a harkey rake to go over it. (Would rockhound be better ?)

    Would you guys do it this way or please suggest alternatives.

    I guess my only concern is excess grass from the harley rake going over the existing dead lawn areas.

    Around here Hydroseeding is $0.08 a sq ft. There is a dam on the property for water. Bale chopper/straw is whatever

    How would you guys approach this job & what would you guys charge for an area like this.
  2. paul

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    It's hard to say I don't know where you are located, but here it would go for .85 a sq yd complete.

    As for the harley rake go for it...........best tool you can use on a tractor should be able to grade it out in one day. Only see two maybe three days work.
  3. plowboy81

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    I worked for a landscaping company for 2 years. We seeded a whole lot. There is a tool called a TR3 for a tractor. If you can rent one of these, then it will do the whole job. Hands down the best dressing tool in the industry. It has teeth on the front, a floating scrape blade in the middle to level dirt, and long fingers in the back to feather out the dirt. One step operation. As for the price, we charged 1100.00 and acre to dress, seed, fert, and straw. We also hydrotacked for an additional 300 per acre. If you can, seed and fert first, blow straw second, and then spray tack on the straw to hold down and to keep moisture in. This works better than just hydroseeding. Good luck, maybe this helps. Sight unseen, I would price 100,000 sqft at around 2000 to 2500 turnkey depending on your area and overhead. Of course bluegrass runs a little more expensive than K31 fescue. You could try mixing your own blend, that might do better for you because the different seed in the mix would extend the mowing season, and thus there is more mowing time and money.
  4. paul

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    Two (2)+ acres for $2500
    100,000 sq ft = 2.3 acres
    250 lbs of seed per acre at 1.35 per lb = $776
    12 bags of fert at $10= $120
    labor 3 men at $50 per hr for 3 days= $3600
    Tractor or skid steer??????
    I'm allready over the $2500.........

    You want to come here and do seeding for me????????
  5. plowboy81

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    Here's my deal:

    250lbs seed=450
    10 bags fert=(4.25x10) 42.50
    150 bales straw=(150x2.00) 300
    4 men@ 12 per hour for 1 to 1.5 days(10 hours)= 480
    tractor fuel and wear and tear= 150

    Total cost= $1422.50
    Money in pocket=$1077.50

    Not to bad for 2 days work. You will never get the job at your labor and expense cost. You have to look at what your cost is. You can either make to much on one job per month or either alot on 15 jobs per month. Who actually gets 50 per hour per man when only paying them 8.50 to work. Your costs are way to high. This is the real world. I do it so I know. Maybe go to 2800 or even 3000. You will have to figure in your own overhead and priorities. You don't want to screw these people to bad if you intend on mowing the grass after you grow it. This job shouldn't take no longer than 2 days unless you are using rakes instead of a tractor.
  6. paul

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    Labor rates here are much higher we are paying laborers $35 per hr here.

    I don't mow grass.....

    here off the web page for march 2003
    LABORER ALL 28.000 28.750 1.5 1.5 2.0 3.580 2.970 0.000 0.170
  7. Lanelle

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    This thread illustrates many things.
    1. Union vs. non-union wages
    2. Market differences for various areas
    3. Difference in costs which may denote a difference in products used.
    4. Figuring overhead costs into the final price as well as profit. I know that paul pays insurance, licensing, certifications, bonding, taxes and the list goes on......
    5. Knowing costs is only part of the price---figuring the most efficient way of doing the job also changes the final number.

    By the way, have you seen a picture of the tractor paul uses for large seeding jobs?
  8. paul

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    My little tractor........

  9. plowboy81

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    Well that explains it. Things up north are quite a bit more expensive than down here. Surely you don't use your "little trator" to dress up land for seeding.
  10. DaddyRabbit

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    Not bad for 2 days, well, maybe it is, it depends on what profit looks like to you I guess. For 2 acres I wouldn't't touch it for less than $3400 to $3500..period. You neglected to install trailer and truck wear, fuel for the truck, insurance for the aforementioned as well as the lovely taxes that we all must pay. If you're getting 18.24.12 fertilizer for that price then hook me up as well. It costs me $8 for a 50lb bag.

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