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    26-0-3 with .125 dithiopyr (Dimension) was applied at about 4 pounds per thousand sqft on a small plot of bare soil. This was August 13, 2018.
    After 21 days, four kinds of seed were planted in the treated soil. Fine fescue, annual rye, bluegrass, and Mini-clover
    The area is in heavy shade and not irrigated. There were a few rains.
    At 31 days (Sept 10) there emerged a few sprouts of annual rye and Mini-clover.
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    Dimension at .125 percent was applied at 4 pounds per thousand which equals about .22 pounds per acre as active ingredient. It was applied on August 13, 2018. Annual rye, sown on Sept 3, was about 2 inches tall by September 22nd. The plots were 1 foot square.

    Mini-clover also germinated. There were no sprouts from the fine fescue--or at most--one or two sprouts

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    This needed a better photograph. There was no soil preparation. Shaded area. No irrigation. Rains showers occurred. Annual rye was sown at 21 days after Dimension application. Photo at 20 days after sowing seed. The second photograph shows germination of mini-clover in the Dimension-treated area.
    It appears that ryegrass can establish even if Dimension crabgrass control was recently applied. A teaspoon of seed was sown--equaling about 10 pounds per 1000 sqft.
    Heavy shade will probably slow the growth of this seed. Cool temperatures will slow it down--55 degrees last night and, only 64 degrees by noon.


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