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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by roscioli, Aug 6, 2002.

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    Ok guys- Yes, I did the search, all I could find for a decent thread was one relating to NC, not too relevant for this discussion. I am looking for a decent place to buy seed, and a decent seed as well! I don't do too many installations, but a couple a year. My main concern is the fall aerations coming up sooner than I like! I know about nothing about different types of grass, and from what I research there are thousands of hybrids and varieties of everything. Obviously I need a decent blend of Bluegrass, rye and possibly fescue, but I dont know what blend would work best for fall seeding/ possible dry-ish conditions.
    Please advise me on what %'s I should be looking for, and a possible specific product to look for. I am sick of buying it at my local grain store and paying twice what I should be! I went to a place just north of me today, and they are getting $47 for a 25lb bag of Agway landscaper's mix. What it contains I dont know, but I hope it to be a large percentage of gold at that price. Also, any wholesalers or dealers in this area would be helpful. I could try lesco, but they are a bit of a haul for me.
    Thanks guys + gals!
  2. roscioli

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  3. roscioli

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    anybody buy seed in New England?
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    I'm not an LCO, but you may want to check out this site: and look at the bluegrass test.
    It looks like your state ag department in Amherst submits entries. Check out the results by location page, wade through it and find some good cultivars, then look under entries and sponsors to get the manufacturer.
    I did this for tall fescue and several of the top cultivars were put out by Lebanon Turf Products. I take good care of my yard, but I checked out a yard seeded in their Winning Colors blend and it was VASTLY superior to mine using Lesco Transition blend. I've got the bags in the garage now waiting to redo mine with Lebanon. The Shemin Nursery here carries Lebanon and they show a Shemin in Hudson, if that is close to you.

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