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Seed gurus quick ?


LawnSite Senior Member
Smyrna, De
Hey guys what is the proper way to overseed?

1. Use a broadcast spreader and just trow the seed down at the recommend rate.

2. Use a powerseeder and actually punch the seed in the ground, more exspensive and time consuming.

Thanks alot for your inputs!


LawnSite Member
eastern iowa
what we do is to overseed the lawn with a broadcast spreader
we mix our seed and any fert the cust may want at the proper rate, then we go thru with the aerator, it really works well for us,
hope this helps you


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
You ALWYS want ti integrate the seed into the soil. Whether it be by hand, by aeration, or the first choice, by slit-seeding. Soil to seed contact is so important for germination. Without it, you're just throwing seed away. It turns to birdseed, or when it pops, doesn't have enough contact to take hold.


LawnSite Member
York, PA
You may as well that your seed and throw it on the driveway and
street if you don't open up the soil. The best way to handle this
is by using a slit-seeder, but and aeration and overseeding will
also work.