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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigglePLC, May 4, 2013.

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    Can you seed early--real early?
    I sowed seed during each month of the winter. I used Scotts Perennial Rye. I sowed the seed in small containers which had been drilled for drainage. I used potting soil. The containers were plunged into garden soil outside in a partly shady situation. A pinch of seed was added during each month of the year. The seed was not covered nor raked in. Seed was placed on top of snow in January, February and March. When snow was deep, the containers were partially uncovered in order to find them and the seed was placed on top of about an inch of snow, and then covered up with snow to the average outdoor level. The containers were not irrigated (rain was adequate) nor was fertilizer applied. Seed sown in November arose in the fall.
    By May 4, 2013, each of the remaining months containers had newly sprouted grass. The November sown container had taller grass the remainder were about equal in height, about an inch.

    Therefore it appears that grass seed can be applied very early even on top of snow and it will arise when temperatures and heat units are suitable in the spring. The GDD50 had accumulated to about 113, at the date of the photo.


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    Nice, and I might have to go out and fling seed in the snow the way it stands here:)
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    Seed will sit in the ground for 3-5 years, in some cases, waiting for the correct depth and conditions to germinate...

    Of course, CG seeds will stay viable long after I'm dead... :)
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    AS a second more realistic test. Seed was applied to one square yard of a low quality crabgrass infested lawn on a vacant lot. About 3 ounces of seed was sown in the months of November, December, January, February, March and April. At least two months treatments were seeded on top of snow.
    Now on May 5, the seed is up, in some of the plots at least, I think, but it is very difficult to distinguish the new seed sprouts from the already present grass. The new seed sprouts tend to be clustered together with the old grass. The bare dirt spots tend to remain mostly bare. Stay tuned for more detailed data. And photos.
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    Subscribed...I appreciate the "lab" results.
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    We had one section of forest lawn that was neglected during the drought last year and the only thing left alive was CG... I tossed seed in amongst their dead bodies last winter, before the first big snow storm...

    I'll compare notes with your CG infested lot as time goes by... :)

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