Seed pricing


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I need to purchase some fescue seed for everseeding about how much does it cost?<br>

gene gls

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I buy from Jonathan Green(,they list 13 different kinds of fescue.They only have one mix that has 3 types of tall fescue,its called Fun Lawn and is sold in 25lb bags for $32.50 + shipping. Overseeding rate is 8000 sq ft per bag. Most all seed is sold as a mix. I have had good luck with Drought Tough, its 90% fescue,10% bluegrass. They offer a product catalog that contains a ton of information on all their products.

john boylan

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Huntsville, AL
Bought my fescue seed last fall (10-21-99). Pennington EnviroBlend $1.00/lb., Dawson Seed Co. Red Fescue $1.48/lb. (up quite a bit from the 1998 price of $1.25/lb.). Seed in Alabama doesn't normally carry sales tax when bought from ag dealer, something you might want to investigate if near the AL/TN border.