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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HighGrass, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. HighGrass

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    If I overseed late in the fall, won't it eventually come up in the spring? Does grass seed "freeze"?
  2. Mike Bradbury

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    Sure you can do that. Only problem would be a freak warm spell for a week that let it start to germinate then refroze.
  3. Runner

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    Yes, at this point, it is always better to wait and be sure that the soil temps are going to stay below 50 degrees consistently. Do NOT let the air temps fool you, because just because we have 46 degree days and 32 degree nights, this does NOT mean that the soil temps are staying below 50. Many things affect this, such as moisture content, area, shelter, etc. The sun beating down on the surface can warm it more thatn the outside temps. When this is done after the soil is cool enough, it is called Dormant Seeding. The seed will then germinate in the spring. The advantage to this, is that the seed is already there waiting for the right temps, and you are not dealing with conditions such as wet and mud, when putting it in. The DISadvantage to this, is that you are then that far behing in growing, and while you ARE apt to have decent Spring moisture, you are also looking at hot Summer temps on a grass that has not hardened off for a season, yet. Another disadvantage to this, is that while you have all this new seed germinating, this eliminates the opportunity to use a Pre-M to stop future weed sed germination. It basically all has to be done post-M, and best if done late, at that.

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